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The Razz: games reviews: STARWARS: BATTLEFRONT ##### XBOX.

Byline: with bob low

single-player mode is just that. Start as a sniper and that's what you'll have to do to win.

In multiplay, of course, other players can select different types of soldiers to mix things up for a more effective presence on the battlefield.

The game has a full package of multiplayer, including Xbox Live through a LAN set-up using the System Link option, or with a friend on the two-player split-screen support.

If you can find 24 players online using Xbox Live, the game springs to a whole new life. Even then, the multiplay modes are basically the same as the single-player modes, just with lots more people.

You won't find the traditional types of multiplayer shooter modes such as Deathmatch, but that's mainly because the battles of Star Wars: Battlefront uniquely combine them all into one.

The Xbox version is slick and fast, with some impressive textures and effects.

But the single-player mode is an afterthought, flawed by poor AI, and thin on gameplay.

AT last, a chance for Stomtroopers to kick the little furry bums of those Ewoks who were allowed to get away with making them oafs in Return Of The Jedi.

That said, Battlefront suffers the fatal flaw of not being single friendly. Those with nae mates, nae broadband, or nae Xbox Live are left with a muddle of single-player modes about as interesting as a Wookie's underwear.

However, it is a multiplayer fanatic's dream, allowing a huge number of players to take part in the action along with an army of NPC characters.

The most glaring issue with the single-player mode lies with character selection. The


EWOK ON THE WILD SIDE:; It's small, furry and annoying
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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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