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The Razz: The latest razz videos and dvd reviews.

Byline: by Rick Fulton


UCUDDLY Roo takes centre stage in this charming animated story based around the loveable inhabitants of Hundred Acre Wood.

When Rabbit refuses to play the Easter bunny and threatens to ruin everyone's festivities, Roo comes to the rescue to make Easter special for all of his friends. DVD Extras: Sounds Of Spring game, Cleaning Rabbit's House, Disney's Art project, trailers for forthcoming Winnie The Pooh titles.

Available on DVD, pounds 19.99, or VHS, pounds 14.99.


FOLLOWING the transfer of Hong Kong from Britain to China, tenacious cop Eddie Yang (Jackie Chan) is asked to investigate an international human smuggling ring, reportedly run by warlord Snakehead (Julian Sands).

Eddie stumbles upon the kidnapping of a boy (Alexander Bao) from a sacred temple by Snakehead and his goons.

It transpires that the abductee is a mythical child who can fuse the two halves of an ancient medallion which grants the owner great power.

DVD Extras: deleted scenes.

Available to buy DVD, pounds 19.99.


CHARLIE Brown, Snoopy and the Peanuts gang are still a huge phenomenon and for once, a comic strip turned into a live action cartoon really works.

It's The Easter Beagle Charlie Brown is the first of 10 Snoopy and Charlie Brown classics which will be released this year. It features Peppermint Patty attempting to teach Marcie how to make coloured eggs.

DVD Extras: None. Available on DVD pounds 7.99 and VHS pounds 5.99.


KINGPIN joins The Sopranos and The Shield as another groundbreaking American crime show, this time about a Mexican drug trafficking family.

This release has six episodes from Channel 4's new drama, which is like a Latino Godfather. When clan leader Tio Jorge goes into exile, Miguel Cadena (Yancey Arias) is poised to take the reins, but Jorge's son Ernesto (Jacob Vargas) attempts to wrest power away, which threatens to tear the family apart.

DVD Extras: Cast and crew interviews. DVD only, pounds 34.99.


JOIN the mutants on their exciting adventures in three more thrilling episodes from the animated TV series based on the comic book series.

Blob enrols at Bayville High with creepy repercussions forJean while Spyke investigates a series of robberies and comes face-to-face with Quicksilver.

DVD Extras: Include Introductions to each episode, The Art Of X-Men featurette. Available on DVD, pounds 12.99, and VHS, pounds 9.99.


LOVEABLE: Winnie The Pooh
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Date:Mar 26, 2004
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