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The Razz: Movie reviews: Movie Q and A Martin Freeman.


THE Office star Martin Freeman is an unlikely Hollywood hit. While he's well known in tellyland, in films he's probably best known for being the sex scene stand-in on Love Actually. He's also appeared in Ali G Indahouse and Shaun Of The Dead. Now he gets his big break in The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

QHOW well did you know the Hitchhiker's Guide as a book and TV seriesAI WAS certainly an admirer, and I was familiar with it. I think, growing up in England, you do have a common familiarity with it. The books were around the house. So I was familiar with them and I've always wanted to play Arthur. From the age of nine I knew who Zaphod Beeblebrox or who Ford Prefect was.

Q IT'S a Disney film with American money. How worried were you that this quintessential English sci-fi epic was going to be Hollywoodised? AIT didn't feel like it was particularly being Hollywoodised or all the things that people would fear about it - and legitimately fear as well. It still felt like it was being true to the story. There was a big respect, a big acknowledgement that we were doing this for someone who is no longer with us - Douglas Adams. So he was sort of an ever-present force.

QTHE Restaurant at the End of the Universe is the second book, and the end of this first film clearly sets the stage for a sequel. How interested would you be in reprising your role as Arthur for another go round the galaxy? AIF it were the same creative team, that would make it a lot more attractive to me. The thing is don't want to get out of being Tim from The Office just to jump into being Arthur Dent for 20 years.

QAS the leading man, are you worried about whether Hitchhiker's Guide will do well? AI GENUINELY don't worry about it. Obviously I'd be mortified if everybody hated it and hated me, but hope passionately that they like it
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Date:Apr 29, 2005
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