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The Razz: Movie reviews: Movie Q and A Dennis Quaid.


DENNIS QUAID has been unfairly called a cheap Harrison Ford but thanks to Cold Creek Manor, The Day After Tomorrow and now The Alamo, the newly-married Innerspace is well and truly back

QYOUR career has been on a roll over the last few years, hasn't it? A FEEL like I'm in the best place I've been for 15 years. think there are ebbs and flows to any career and back in the 80s I was the hot guy there for a while and then wasn't. But I feel now like I'm getting back there again. You have to have a lot of tenacity to keep going, but parts like this one make it worthwhile.

QTHIS part in The Alamo sounds very special to you.

AYES, for me, the two most exciting roles in my career are very clear. The first was playing Gordo Cooper in The Right Stuff, and that was another Texas story in a way, because Houston was space city and that's where I grew up. I used to play the Alamo as a kid. Now I'm grown up and getting to do it all over again.

QSINCE you grew up in Texas, did you always know the story of the Alamo?

A KNEW about the Alamo from as early as I can remember. In Texas schools you learn Texas history before you learn American history. So this is like this great mythical story for me, which is why I wanted to be part of this film.

QTHE story has been filmed many times, most famously by John Wayne, and historians still argue over what happened. Was part of the job on this film to sort fact from fiction?

ATHE events we're telling happened in history, but the story has a lot in common with the great Greek myths, or even Star Wars for that matter.

QYOU have made a lot of films, but have you ever worked on a set that compares to this one?

A ABSOLUTELY not. It's a whole town. You can walk in and out of buildings, it's not just a bunch of facades. It's a very special experience and I don't know if it will ever be done again.
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Date:Sep 3, 2004
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