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The Razz: KELLI WILL PHIXX IT FOR LOVER; EXCLUSIVE Liberty Xbabe to duet with newman.


PHIXX pin-up Peter Smith is set to sing a special duet with his new girlfriend, Liberty X babe Kelli Young, on his band's new album.

And the Razz can also reveal that Peter's band have just been signed up to support Liberty X on tour.

Following Peter's declaration of love for Kelli after a secret three-month romance, the bands have been working furiously to cement their relationship.

They both share the same management company and have been working on the joint project ever since meeting at Phixx's debut record launch for the track Hold on Me three months ago.

Liberty X were due to start their tour next month but had to cancel dates because of international promotional commitments in the Far East.

As a result of that delay, bosses had even more time to come up with a masterplan.

The bands now hope to sing together for the new concert dates which will take place at the end of the year.

Songwriter John McLaughlin is also planning a special sexy duetbetween Kelli and Peter for the Phixx's album, when it comes out in May.

Nathan Moore, ex-Brother Beyond singer and co-manager of the band along with Gary Wilson, told the Razz: ``It seemed an obvious thing to do a joint project with the bands Gary and I manage. We are always in the office working together and, as everyone gets on, it seemed a good combination.

``Putting Liberty X on the same concert bill as Phixx seemed a natural thing to talk about.''

He added: ``Kelli and Peter met at Phixx's launch party and spent the whole evening together. They cemented their friendship and got together, and over this Christmas and NewYear, they had a break to spend more time with each other.''

Hitmaker McLaughlin, who has just completed Phixx's new song, Love Revolution, which is released on February 23, said he was planning a duet between the lovestruck pair.

He said: ``Peter's band Phixx will be supporting Liberty X on tour and, by that time, there will probably be a song between them.

``I think it will be a sexy number, but we are still in the process of choosing the right song. There will be great chemistry between them.

``Phixx have always done something different from other boy bands even the new video for their electropop song, Love Revolution, is something special. The video features vampires and is very sexy.''

Phixx's first video caused a storm when it featured a lookalike of Sarah Harding, from the band Girls Aloud, whipping the semiclad boys into a frenzy after it was revealed Phixx band member Mikey Green was romancing her.

But the boyband don't plan on featuring Peter's new love on any future videos.

Said Nathan: ``We played on Sarah and Mikey's relationship for the last one but we'll be concentrating on the boys for the next videos.''


PROJECT: Kelli and Peter
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 7, 2004
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