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The Razz: I WANT TO BE A G-FORCE; Pop hunk turns down Kenneth Branagh movie to stay with boy band.


G4 PIN-UP Jonathan Ansell has turned down a part in Sir Kenneth Branagh's new filmThe blond singer was offered the part of Prince Tamino in The Magic Flute but said no because of the group's busy recording schedule. Bognor Regis boy Jonathan was offered the part in the adaptation of the Mozart opera after year-long auditions.

The film, just announced this week, will be made in the style of Phantom of the Opera for the big screen and has been translated from German to English by fellow thesp Stephen Fry. Jonathan revealed that he turned down the role a few months ago, after G4 album sales exceeded expectations. He said: 'I fancy doing some acting at some point. Admittedly I was offered the role for the lead in an opera, a box office production.

'It was the new film for The Magic Flute which Kenneth Branagh is directing. I had some early auditions in the run-up to The X Factor and then continued to audition as we got through the show.

'Kenneth called me and offered me the role, but the group came first. It was exciting and a difficult decision to make. Before all this I would have jumped at it, but G4 is a dream come true for me and the group came first.'

Jonathan says he and his G4 colleagues Matthew Stiff, Ben Thapa and Mike Christie had various meetings to decide the fate of the group who were runners-up to Steve Brookstein. He said: 'It was hard for us, but I didn't want to end things at the beginning. We've got some time to go together. It's actually quite cool to say that I turned the part down and it has brought us closer.'

G4's debut album reached sales of 600,000taking it to double platinum status. They are now looking to make as big an impact with their forthcoming tour in June and a second album is planned for later in the year.

They have been preparing for the hard slog with a strict Girls Aloud style diet to get in shape.

Matt said: 'We've started on a new diet and fitness regime. Now there's no fried food, lots of fruit and veg and no processed junk.'

Jonathan added: 'It's difficult when our tour manager tucks into steak sandwich and chips and we've got to eat lemon sole and salad.'

The boys have been preparing a few surprises for the show and have even engaged a choreographer to help them out.

Ben said: 'We won't be doing any high kicks, but we will do something different.'

Jonathan added: 'We'll have to be careful in Scotland if we wear our kilts - as long as there are no wind machines.'

G4come to Glasgow's Clyde Auditorium on June 13 and Edinburgh Playhouse on June 14.

Tickets, from pounds 25, are available from 0870 400 0688 or www.getLIVE.


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 27, 2005
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