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The Ralph E. Shattuck guide to 1984 Luger prices.

* Luger! The very name conjures up visions of foreign intrigue, trenches, the triwinged aircraft of von Richtofen's Flying Circus, as well as scenes from countless movies where the sinister villain menaces his victims with the deadly and efficient pistol that bears the name of its inventor, Georg Luger.

There is something about this one (one of the few turn-of-the-century semi-auto pistol designs that stayed in production for better than four decades) that positively grabs the imagination of even non-gun people. It probably has one of the highest recognition factors of any firearm not indigenous to this country. It ranks right up there with the famous Colt "Peacemaker," Winchester lever-action rifle and the Luger's arch rival, the Browning-designed .45 ACP pistol.

The Luger, or "toggle top," as it is sometimes called, is a direct descendant of the Maxim machine gun and the Borchardt pistol of the closing years of the 19th century. All three use the locking action pioneered by Maxim. Georg Luger streamlined the Borchardt pistol, which was based on the Maxim locking action, and came up with an arm which has intrigued, beguiled, fascinated and has been the object of countless war stories, many of which start with "This is the pistol I brought back from the Great War."

But what was the Luger that is now a treasured memento of either the "War to end all Wars," or the holocaust of World War II? Is it an army, navy, artillery, civilian, foreign contract or any one of scores of other pistols turned out during the many years the Luger was in production? And, more importantly, what is that war souvenir worth?

Obviously, space does not permit us to give a full description of each and every Luger variation, just the current prices. For identification of an individual Luger you will have to refer to reference books, and there are many in this field, in fact too many to list here.

Ralph Shattuck is a world renowned expert on the Luger pistol and its many variations. In this issue he shares his expertise with our readers to give them a guide to as to what their Luger pistol may be worth. Obviously, even though these listed prices are the result of years of study and observation, the prices should be viewed only as a guide. After all, different regions of this country have different values, and, when all is said and done, there is often a lot of "horse trading" going on between gun buyers and gun sellers. However, with this listing, you have the latest, up-to-date idea of what your Luger is worth and, it's straight from the "horse's" mouth.
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Date:Jul 1, 1984
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