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Articles from The Racing Post (London, England) (July 31, 2012)

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'Jadannai s improving and weg o there witha g reatc hance'. 483
12-1F ire to prove hot stuff in Steel City; PRICEWISE JonathanKay. 238
Airliecanstayoutoftrouble tolandtheCoralSussexCup; greyhounds. 632
Albaqaaprimedfor hisbiggestpayday. 271
Amest hel atest casualty as Ladbrokes problemsc ontinue. 394
Another tough test ins toref ort heB rits; BASKETBALL. 396
Bastiman's Borderfar fromthing ofthepast; THE NORTH BORDERER. 217
Bayswater looks etfor astalemate; figaroo'saussiepicks. 320
Belarustripis toughf orReds. 140
Belgianfits thebillfor Bakerat Goodwood; thesouth southerner. 160
Black Caviarr uledo uto f Melbourne springc arnival. 284
Brazilh ot favourites after pain for Spain. 345
Bronze cantake thegoldf or Tregoning inBetfred. 335
Chachamaideer eadyt o achieve gloriousd ouble. 689
Chapman cleared in welfare case. 215
Chasingthebigone; letters. 164
CHATROOM The best of your emails. 115
Checkmate forBishop's rivalson Friday; berkshire downsman. 167
CHINA DRIPPING ING OLD; Fast-starters4 -9t o finisha s top dogs. 260
ClassyR etrieve can bounceb ack tow inningwa ys. 722
ClassyR etrieve can bounceb ack tow inningwa ys; TODAY'SP OINTERS. 642
contents. 136
Crimsonis thebestbet todefythe assessor; midlands. 192
Dafferncan putS ealon Platetriumph. 494
Danedream atf orefronto f a goldene raf orG erman-breds; HIDDENG EMS Martin Stevens looks at how Girolamo could today extend a good run for his compatriots. 601
Derby triph oldsf ew fears for Key's men. 319
Derby triph oldsf ew fears for Key's men; CRICKET. 316
Diving Tom Daley is 3-1 [...]; INBRIEF. 141
Donea ndC oates awarded honoraryu niversityd octorates. 115
Donstotopthe tableinbetting withoutCeltic. 329
Drawandpricevitalat GloriousGoodwood. 336
Drawsmaybecommon occurrencea tDingwall; analysis. 371
Dutch drift despite win; HOCKEY. 186
Earlys howerss hould givew ayt o sun. 150
Entry rises ees Tattse xtend Book2. 445
ExclusiveDancer haswhati ttakesto landhandicap; thirsk benosborne. 146
Eyefailureresultedin aturnforthebetter. 147
Falleng iants poor value in relegations crap. 296
Fancied Cup hopes face strugglet o geta run. 308
Formers tarso utt o benefit fromc lassd rop. 379
friday galway. 116
Frontmenwill fancyg etting int hegoals. 121
Germanr aider Girolamo looks hugev aluea t 11-2. 725
Gerswon'thaveit alltheirownway- neitherwillCeltic. 379
Goalsgalorefor theDiamonds; teamin focus. 191
GoldenG ambhiri n prime formf ort ourists; SRILANKAv INDIA. 315
Golff ans shouldp reparef or epicf easto f top-class action; Steve Palmer analyses the packed schedule on both sides of the Atlantic. 503
Goodandbad newsf rommyban. 228
Greyhound Starf acing axe ate ndo f the year. 273
Groundd riesb uts howersf orecast; THEGO ING. 231
Gyurtag eared upt o grabg old; SWIMMING. 317
Hannontobethe Richmondmaster. 283
Hapless Paire looks a favourite too ppose. 197
HG'sp lea for financial assistancei s alsog ivens horts hrift. 422
Hibscanissuestatement ofi ntentfornewseason. 369
Highh opes for improving Moona fter maiden strike. 712
Highh opes for improving Moona fter maiden win. 712
Hillso fft hem ark for new bossC umani. 513
HJKarestruggling awayfromHelsinki. 769
HORSE PLAY Justforthefunofit. 392
Huntsmanss trongly fancied tog o close. 739
Impactc anh it homeh isS ussex drawa dvantage; OPEN CHECK. 529
ImprovingHiThere willpayfor Fahey's travellingexpenses; newmarket kelmansfield. 154
Injured Milldeanm ovest o Ruth. 139
IT MIGHT have been a [...]. 454
It'sDrive's timet oshine inbigrace. 223
Ithastobe TheF ugue; stevem ellish best betsfromthemanonthetelly. 493
Izzi Topofthe Nassaup ile forGosden; goodwood stuartRedding. 196
Kirthill can crack it for Cumanii n opener. 1242
Las Verglas Star wellp rimed by in-form Fahey; TIPSB OX. 418
Lastseason's tableisag ood startingpoint. 220
LevyB oardr ejectsf undingp roposal. 609
Libranno still gives Hannona strongh and. 792
Lightweight suitsZuzka. 142
Low-key start to Irish Derby with easyq ualification. 431
Lui Reihas Stewards' Cupglo ry inhissights; newmarket aborigine. 176
McCall'sm enf ighting fit for Europeanb ow; FOOTBALL. 272
Michelangelocan advanceLeger claimsi nGordon. 326
Mission target tom ake grade atG roupl evel. 755
Montiridge agoodbet tofollowup recentw in; the west hastings. 169
Morawijhasthe forminthebook. 241
Mount Colah' jumping wella nds hould goc lose'. 289
Music lands historic win for Mangana s Weldh its treblet op. 794
Newcaradreamride. 142
newmarketgallops; allthelatest. 133
Nichollsto gainabig Victoire; bluesquare stewards' cup 3.55goodwoodliveonch4. 148
Nopenaltygives Tinselgreenlight. 323
Notalldoomand gloomforP ompey; outlookindex. 538
Nothingwill holdcandle to Forks. 223
Odoojis thebestbet; chester(sun) kelmansfield. 115
OlympicGloryan oryan appropriatewinner winner. 545
Olympicticketshambles leftfansshort-changed; letters. 248
One getsa way asC rowleyb ags a four-timer. 490
Orebrocan boosttheir fainthopes ofsurvival; euroo utlook. 155
Paddy the real deal in Steel. 414
Paddy the real deal in Steel; OPEN CHECK. 415
Padraigwon'tfearnewformat. 203
Powells etf or ridingc omeback. 216
Queally supported tof inish ast opj ockey. 215
QUESTION& A NSWER With Nigel Roddis, 42, development directoro f Racing Enterprises Limited with special responsibilityf orb etting. 942
Racecourseclosuresmet withadeafeningsilence. 200
Racecourseclosuresmet withadeafeningsilence. 132
Rebelhas justcause inGalway Hurdle; ireland. 206
Red-hot Gosden seeking Classic signs; TODAY'S BIG TALKING POINT Jon Lees on a midsummer contest with big implications for the autumn. 491
Reliable Spa's Dancer looks a gem in Topaz Mile; ALANS WEETMAN TODAY'S BESTB ETS ATG ALWAY. 408
Roddick can pushS erb all the way; TENNIS. 343
Rosslooklikethevalue bettofinishi nthetopsix; seasont rader. 290
Saintscancauseastirat TynecastleasSPLreturns; rfo'strueodds. 248
Scot can strike; thirsk summercup 3.35thirsk liveonch4. 188
Scottcanbounceback fromOpenheartbreak; golf. 620
Scottishfootballisin urgent [...]; letters. 347
Set yourc lockb y the dependableC aiS hen. 525
Seven upf orf estival standingd ish Darenjan; COMEH EREO FTEN? 226
Sidew ith old boy Mac Love; SPREADB ETTING. 418
SIS tob oostc ontent for Irish bookmakers. 193
Sixjuvenileperf ormers thatmustbefollowed. 205
Stalker out to makeh istory; BOXING. 271
Start o debut atG oodwood. 117
Taylorl andst ought itle; DARTS. 140
Team GB6 -5t o betterB eijing; GAMESZ ONE. 171
Tears flow asC leary lands poignant Palacew in; MEMORYL ANE. 248
THE women's team all-around medal [...]; GYMNASTICS. 160
There's nothing tofearat Beverley thisweek. 414
Therecouldbemore miseryforMarseille; euroo utlook. 677
These TrebleChanceplans willhitpoolsplayersforsix; pools&perms. 428
Three opponents to takeo n 1-20F rankel. 243
TRAINER quoTEs. 1021
TRAINER QUOTES; Coral Sussex Cup, Hove 9.45. 1015
TryAncient each-way infeature; speeding ahead Nelson'stime pointers. 107
Twist nursed towards National. 330
Unhappyaboutthe Rangersreply [...]; letters. 248
Voleuse 'crying out for further' inb idt o givet rainerf our-timer. 444
Watch5-2Swallow soar toS kys uccess. 282
Watchoutfor HillsonDowns. 237
Weightnobarrierto successthesedays. 245
Weldo utt o rock his rivalsa ndl and ane ighth victory. 943
Wided raw severe but rainc ould change everything; TODAY'S BIG TALKING POINT Jonathan Mullin on today's Topaz Mile and how sticking to the rail is key. 570
Willbeme isoneto watchnext timeout; drawing conclusions a reviewofthe recentdrawaction. 108
Yardarenow playinginthe bigleague. 784
Yesterday'shi ghlights vvDutch Heritage won [...]. 129

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