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The Quest for Quiet. (Workplace Issues).

Faxes, conference calls on speakerphones, impromptu face-to-face meetings, ringing phones-office noise is beginning to grate on employees' nerves, reports The Wall Street Journal in "Shut Up So We Can Do Our Jobs." Open-office designs that favor cubicles and pods in an effort to maximize space as well as promote communication and collaboration among employees have contributed to the dearth of what one commercial architect calls "acoustical privacy." Rising tensions over noisy workspaces have led to such innovative practices, reports the Journal, as "wrapping cubicle panels in extra fabric; hanging decorative, sound-absorbing bunting from the ceiling; and affixing cork wallboards to conference rooms and hallways." Another sign of the times: sales of Steelcase, Inc.'s wall panels that extend all the way to the ceiling have also increased 80 percent in the past three years.
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Publication:Association Management
Date:Dec 1, 2001
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