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The Quest for Quality.

The Quest for Quality. "The Quest for Quality" program is intended to be "an introduction to the principles of quality and the opportunities to create customer satisfaction and superior service through quality improvement." The actual "program" comprises a 15-minute videotape, an accompanying eight-page Participant Workbook, and a brief Leader's Guide. The intended audience includes employees, volunteers, management, trustees, and medical staff, and the intended applications of the program include use in:

* Quality improvement initiatives.

* Product line differentiation.

* New employee orientation.

The program is based heavily on the five dimensions that customers generally use to evaluate quality of service:

* Tangibles--physical properties that indicate attention to quality (i.e., a dirty public restroom).

* Reliability--whether services received are consistent with the customer's expectations.

* Responsiveness--the willingness of service providers to deliver services.

* Assurance--the customer's sense of safety, security, respect, and being well cared for by the service providers.

* Sympathy--the customer's sense that the organization and service providers understand his or her specific needs and expectations.

A strength of the videotape is that it is specifically designed for use by hospitals and other health care organizations and shows hospital-based scenarios with patients, nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals and employees. The brevity of the videotape and of the program in general is a strong point for some audiences and applications, such as new employee and volunteer orientation, and guest relations reinforcement.

A weakness of the program is that it provides only a very superficial introduction to the principles of quality. The videotape portrays realistic scenarios but is rather uninspired, and the customer/actors will not be "believable" to anybody outside lay audiences. The $595 cost of the videotape (which includes 10 workbooks) seems high. Additional 8-page workbooks must be purchased at $3.50 each.
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Author:Sconyers, Sima
Publication:Physician Executive
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Date:Mar 1, 1991
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