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The Qualifying Round.

Use unqualified people
The fewer credentials the better. Find the most apt to toot
their own bassoon, those whose light never shines under

a bushel; it's dark in there and deadly; mushrooms sprout;
morels with questionable morals. Only the few, the proud,

the obscene know how to pick the under-qualified for they
are all white and pasteurized, though Louis Pasteur wouldn't

have given them the time of day. Who conferred the hood,
the letters, the stamp of disapproval on their worried brows?

After I got sick I balefully couldn't tote that barge. I returned
to school to get some letters after my name. While most

pursued a BA, MA, PhD, I spent my time getting an ABC,
NBC, CBS. A PBS was beyond my grasp but then again

I have smaller fish to fry. Explicit in the advice is the word
"use." It's not useful to just gather folks up in a bus and

take them nowhere, but like the Arabian horse trader at
the wheel, I'm as unqualified as they come and, as a Homo-

sapien, emphasis on the homo, I think I just might qualify.
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Author:Mirosevich, Toni
Publication:The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jul 1, 2006
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