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The Quadro range from Eurobake.

Leading food industry equipment specialist, Eurobake, believe top UK baker, Dan Lepard's recent forecast that square baps will be the 'food to go' product of 2007 may have left some bakers wondering how on earth they are going to produce square baps in sufficient quantities to satisfy customer demand.

Says John Cosgrove of Eurobake, 'Hand cut square baps are obviously possible but for bakers looking to produce large quantities for wholesale, or those bakeries without the skill of artisan bakers, the Kemper Quadro range of dough dividers and rounders, available from Eurobake enables high quantity production of square rolls.'

The potential of square rolls has been seen as a top tip by bakers, sandwich bars and caterers conscious of the massive 'out of home' market. Easy to fill, square baps have the advantage of holding plenty of filling and when made using different flour combinations such as wholemeal, spelt or locally milled flour they have an extended speciality food market. Topped with sunflower seeds or rolled oats, they look very different, and offer the premium pricing possibilities that create rapid payback on equipment investments.

The 'Mini' Quadro Round is flexible enough to produce square baps, rustic rolls, ciabatta and round rolls--all on a single machine. The cost effective, compact and ergonomically designed unit offers a three row capacity of 4000 rustic rolls per hour at 70g with a weight range of 40-150g or 3000 round rolls at 70g, weight range 45-90g, producing a range of rolls with a hand crafted appearance. Bakeries requiring higher outputs should consider the Quadro Round 6 row, with outputs up to 12,000 rustic rolls per hour at 70g (range 30--900g) or 12,000 round rolls per hour at 70g (range 30--110g).

Suitable for processing doughs with a short or long proofing times the Quadro Round's gentle treatment allows the processing of soft doughs with an absorbtion of up to 70%. Although a reduced or even no intermediate proofing time is required an increase in volume of 20-30% can be achieved in the final product. Easy to use with touch screen display the Quadro range from Eurobake is designed for plug and play, whilst integration with other modules such as preproportioning, longmoulding, stamping and cutting stations and seeding and depositing systems is simplicity itself.

The flexibility of the Quadro range means bakers need only a single machine to produce a varied menu of different shaped rolls, reducing labour time in this area of production leaves bakers free to get on with other tasks.' says John Cosgrove.

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Date:Apr 1, 2007
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