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The Purpose-Driven Organization.

The Purpose-Driven Organization

Many organizations fail in their efforts to stay competitive and strong because they don't take the time to develop one of the most obvious, yet often neglected, elements of organizational success--a true sense of purpose.

This book describes how leaders, by defining and developing a corporate purpose, can create a framework for making decisions that will unleash company potential for creativity, initiative, and innovation.

Numerous examples of purpose statements are presented from such companies as Ford, Kraft, and Travelers Insurance. These statements can generate improvements in compensation systems, job descriptions, product development, and other key areas of company growth and planning. It lists 131 questions that will help leaders and managers assess their organization's corporate purpose--and take the steps necessary to forge a clear, committed, and unified sense of company direction.
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Publication:Canadian Manager
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 1990
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