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Articles from The Psychological Record (March 1, 2015)

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A history of "behavior" and "mind": use of behavioral and cognitive terms in the 20th century. Virues-Ortega, Javier; Pear, Joseph J. Report 6017
An examination of the effects of feedback accuracy on academic task acquisition in analogue settings. Hirst, Jason M.; Reed, Florence D. DiGennaro Report 9369
Assessing stimulus control in a discrimination task with compound stimuli: evaluating testing procedures and tracking eye fixations. Perez, William F.; Endemann, Peter; Pessoa, Candido V.B.B.; Tomanari, Gerson Y. Report 4034
Concurrent token production in rats. Smith, Travis R.; Jacobs, Eric A. Report 7661
Derived rule tacting and subsequent following by slot machine players. Wilson, Alyssa N.; Dixon, Mark R. Report 6214
Developing the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP) as a measure of self-forgiveness related to failing and succeeding behaviors. Bast, Diana Ferroni; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot Report 9950
Differential reinforcement in simple discrimination learning in 10- to 20-month-old toddlers. de Sousa, Naiara Minto; Garcia, Lucas Tadeu; Gil, Maria Stella Coutinho de Alcantara Report 6803
Discrimination and reversal learning by toddlers aged 15-23 months. de Sousa, Naiara Minto; Gil, Maria Stella Coutinho de Alcantara; McIlvane, William J. Report 4264
Dynamic Interactions With The Environment Make Up Our Psychological Phenomena: A Review of Noe's Out of Our Heads. Lazzeri, Filipe Book review 6989
Effects of monitoring and social reprimands on instruction-following in undergraduate students. Donadeli, Josiane Maria; Strapasson, Bruno Angelo Report 6827
Effects of training structure and the passage of time on trained and derived performance. Eilifsen, Christoffer; Arntzen, Erik Report 8562
Equivalence class formation in accuracy or speed conditions: immediate emergence, adduction, and retention. Arntzen, Erik; Petursson, Petur Ingi; Sadeghi, Pedram; Eilifsen, Christoffer Report 12603
Historically low productivity by the United States Congress: snapshot of a reinforcement-contingency system in transition. Critchfield, Thomas S.; Reed, Derek D.; Jarmolowicz, David P. Report 11012
John Snow's behaviorsphere. Jardim, Joao Bosco Report 3501
Judgments of monkey's (Macaca mulatta) facial expressions by humans: does housing condition "affect" countenance? Gulledge, Jonathan P.; Fernandez-Carriba, Samuel; Rumbaugh, Duane M.; Washburn, David A. Report 3504
On having a goal: goals as representations or behavior. Ramnero, Jonas; Torneke, Niklas Report 9958
Postdiscrimination gradients with familiar and unfamiliar faces. Derenne, Adam; Loshek, Eevett A.; Bohrer, Brittany Report 4430
Simultaneously observing concurrently-available schedules as a means to study the near miss event in simulated slot machine gambling. Witts, Benjamin N.; Ghezzi, Patrick M.; Manson, Morgan Report 11238
Symmetry evaluation by comparing acquisition of conditional relations in successive (Go/No-Go) matching-to-sample training. Picanco, Carlos R.F.; Barros, Romariz S. Report 6407
The behavior of controllers. Okouchi, Hiroto Report 5797

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