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Articles from The Psychological Record (December 1, 2014)

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Associations between antisocial personality disorder and sex on discounting rates. Andrade, Leonardo F.; Riven, Levi; Petry Nancy M. Report 6274
Characteristics of borderline personality disorder and disgust sensitivity. Standish, Anne J.; Benfield, Jacob A.; Bernstein, Michael J.; Tragesser, Sarah Report 7096
Comparing a brief self-as-context exercise to control-based and attention placebo protocols for coping with induced pain. Zettle, Robert D. Report 9099
Competing arbitrary and non-arbitrary relational responding in normally developing children and children diagnosed with autism. Kenny, Neil; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot; Stewart, Ian Report 10008
Competitiveness reconceptualized: psychometric development of the competitiveness orientation measure as a unified measure of trait competitiveness. Rupert, G.Klein; Jennifer, L.Newby Report 11470
Effects of collateral response requirements and exemplar training on listener training outcomes in children. Petursdottir, Anna Ingeborg; Lepper, Tracy L.; Peterson, Sean P. Report 9988
Exploring the relations between regret, self-agency, and the tendency to repair using experimental methods and structural equation modeling. Bossuyt, Evelien; Moors, Agnes; Houwer, Jan De Report 14556
Generalized identity matching-to-sample after multiple-exemplar training in capuchin monkeys. Brino, Ana Leda F.; Galvao, Olavo F.; Picanco, Carlos R.F.; Barros, Romariz S.; Souza, Carlos B.A.; Report 5890
Intense emotional experiences and logicality: An exploration of deductive reasoning in survivors of sexual abuse. Blanchette, Isabelle; Lindsay, Philippa; Davies, Sarah Report 6762
Inter-Method reliability of progression sizes in a hypothetical purchase task: implications for empirical public policy. Reed, Derek D.; Kaplan, Brent A.; Roma, Peter G.; Hursh, Steven R. Report 6781
Interactions between equivalence relations and the development of analytic units. Vaidya, Manish; Brackney, Ryan J. Report 6961
On the reliability of blocking effects in response acquisition with delayed reinforcement. Fox, Andrew T.; Reilly, Mark P. Report 7597
Parent-Child Transmission of Disgust and Hand Hygiene: The Role of Vocalizations, Gestures and Other Parental Responses. Oaten, Megan; Stevenson, Richard J.; Wagland, Paul; Case, Trevor I.; Repacholi, Betty M. 7353
Performance by older adults on identity and arbitrary matching-to-sample tasks. Steingrimsdottir, Hanna Steinunn; Arntzen, Erik Report 9147
Rapid teaching of arbitrary matching in individuals with intellectual disabilities. Morro, Greg; Mackay, Harry A.; Carlin, Michael T. Report 8283
Self-control and impulsiveness in adult humans: comparison of qualitatively different consumable reinforcers using a new methodology. Forzano, L.B.; Michels J.L.; Sorama, M.; Etopio, A.L.; English, E.J. Report 8196
Subjective Well-Being in a Sample of Women with Eating Disorders. MagaHares, Alejandro; Jauregui-Lobera, Ignacio; Gamiz-Jimenez, Nieves; Santed, Miguel Angel Report 6295
Teaching a deictic relational repertoire to children with autism. Jackson, Marianne L.; Mendoza, Dena R.; Adams, Amanda N. Report 7390
The development of the functional analytic psychotherapy intimacy scale. Leonard, Rachel C.; Knott, Lindsey E.; Lee, Eric B.; Singh, Sonia; Smith, Angela H.; Kanter, Jonatha 8159
Toward an analysis of emotions as products of motivating operations. Lewon, Matthew; Hayes, Linda J. Report 9996
Two discriminative functions of meaningful stimuli that enhance equivalence class formation. Nartey, Richard K.; Arntzen, Erik; Fields, Lanny Report 8302

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