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Articles from The Psychological Record (June 22, 2012)

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A psychological biathlon: the relationship between level of experiential avoidance and perseverance on two challenging tasks. Zettle, Robert D.; Barner, Stacy L.; Gird, Suzanne R.; Boone, Linda T.; Renollet, Debra L.; Burdsal, Report 6765
Deictic relational responding, empathy, and experiential avoidance as predictors of social anhedonia: further contributions from relational frame theory. Vilardaga, Roger; Estevez, Ana; Levin, Michael E.; Hayes, Steven C. Report 11084
Improving international-level chess players' performance with an acceptance-based protocol: preliminary findings. Ruiz, Francisco J.; Luciano, Carmen Report 7808
Makeup and menstrual cycle: near ovulation, women use more cosmetics. Gueguen, Nicolas Report 4545
On certain similarities between mainstream psychology and the writings of B.F. Skinner. Goddard, Murray J. Report 6890
Participant withdrawal as a function of hedonic value of task and time of semester. Bellone, John A.; Navarick, Douglas J.; Mendoza, Raquel Report 5886
Patterns of reinforcement and the essential value of brands: II. evaluation of a model of consumer choice. Yan, Ji; Foxall, Gordon R.; Doyle, John R. Report 8813
Patterns of reinforcement and the essential values of brands: I. incorporation of utilitarian and informational reinforcement into the estimation of demand. Yan, Ji; Foxall, Gordon R.; Doyle, John R. Report 9494
Recognizing the directionality of an arrow affects subsequent judgments of a temporal statement: the role of directionality in spatial metaphors. Tse, Chi-Shing; Altarriba, Jeanette Report 6144
Sequential responding in accordance with temporal relational cues: a comparison of before and after. Hyland, John M.; O'Hora, Denis P.; Leslie, Julian C.; Smyth, Sinead Report 9955
The association between delay discounting and schizotypal personality characteristics in a nonclinical sample. Weatherly, Jeffrey N. Report 6317
The effects of multiple exemplar training on a working memory task involving sequential responding in children with autism. Baltruschat, Lisa; Hasselhorn, Marcus; Tarbox, Jonathan; Dixon, Dennis R.; Najdowski, Adel; Mullins, Report 6550
The Function Acquisition Speed Test (fast): a behavior analytic implicit test for assessing stimulus relations. O'Reilly, Anthony; Roche, Bryan; Ruiz, Maria; Tyndall, Ian; Gavin, Amanda Report 12516
Using postfeedback delays to improve retention of computer-based instruction. Johnson, Douglas A.; Dickinson, Alyce M. Report 5150

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