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The Psychic Barber; Medium's warning has left me terrified.

Byline: Gordon Smith

Dear Gordon,

PLEASE help. I had a session with a spiritualist medium at an association that I have visited many times before.

I was told that I would have a very difficult year and that through death or a split I would be on my own, with no husband or partner. I have been happily married for 12 years and have a young family.

I'm 33 and I am so distressed by this news that I feel as though the bottom has been taken out of my world.

Can you give me any comfort?


Dear Anne,

THE spiritualist association that you attended must be told about this so-called medium and should do something.

I imagine you were given information about births and marriages as well as death. It saddens me to hear such an account because there are many mediums out there genuinely trying to help people in need of comfort, yet someone like this can be allowed to cause such damage to their reputations, as well as the upset it has given you.

I have been working as a medium now for around 14 years and, in that time, I have never predicted a death for anyone who has come for a sitting.

I can tell you that you have a lady with you in the spirit world who has communicated before, who wants you to know that this is just nonsense. Try to get on with things at hand and don't give too much thought to this rubbish you have been told. No news from the other side can be good news.

Dear Gordon,

MY brother died very suddenly last year. I would like to know if he is at peace and who is he with?

There was so much not discussed between us and I would like to say that I know and understand.


Dear Carol,

YOUR brother was someone who kept a big part of himself to himself.

He could be the life and soul of the party one minute and then go completely within himself. He is happy that you understand more about his life now and wants you to know that he feels a freedom in the spirit world that he never experienced before when he was alive.

As in life he would not disclose things about his personal life and he hasn't changed much. But he would like you to know that he is happy and with family and a friend who passed away some years ago. The names of David and John have been mentioned. He also tells me that you know when he is around.

Dear Gordon,

OVER the past few years life hasn't been good to me.

I lost my mum a few years back whom I was very close to. Now that I have just managed to come to terms with that loss, my son was recently sent to Kuwait with HM Services. All my fears and emotions are in an uproar again. I awoke on March 10 at 3.33am. For some reason I have known that this moment in time is very significant to me, but I am unable to interpret its meaning. Can you please help?


Dear Anne,

IT was clear when I read your letter that you are very distressed. I feel a strong sense of a lady in the spirit world who is looking after you now.

This lady suffered from cancer before she passed away and her body became very weak. But she was a strong person. She wants you to be strong emotionally and she will look after your son while he is away.

To interpret your experience, you will have to examine how you felt when it occurred. Don't allow your thoughts to influence this, as it would be too easy to put a negative meaning on to it. My own feelings say that it has something to do with. HM Services, and their operations. The month of July will bring much better news and happiness.

Dear Gordon,

MY sister died about 18 months ago. I visited her in hospital and always did what I could to help.

I knew she would have done the same for me. On the day of her funeral, her husband was in hospital but was insisting against doctors' wishes that he had to go to the funeral. I decided to sit with my brother in-law in the hospital because if he tried to go, he would also have died.

Does my sister realise why we never went to say goodbye?


Dear Isobel,

YOUR sister understands what you did and even though there were times when you wished that you had gone, you know that what you did for her husband was more important.

She tells me that you have been very good to her husband since her passing, but he is feeling very depressed at this time. He often thinks of joining her over there and especially during the night. "Make sure he takes his tablets," she says. There is also a hospital appointment coming up soon.

She just wants you all to know that she is still around and is with mother and others. She knows about the rings. The name of Jack is mentioned also.

Dear Gordon,

I LOST my husband six months ago while on holiday in Cyprus.

He died in the swimming pool from a heart attack. What hurts the most was I was standing beside him and still did not get to say goodbye as it happened so fast.

Does he know how much I and the family love and miss him and that I'm sorry not to have said goodbye?

Loving wife, M.

Dear M,

YOUR husband was a good man, someone who was loving and understanding in his life.

He needs no apology from you. In fact he feels sad that you were left with so much to do, as he liked to look after you.

There could have been no one more important with him at the end than you. He loves you and will be with the children and grandchildren always.

How to get in touch If you have a question about a dead loved one or your personal situation, you can write to Gordon. The letter should be in your own handwriting and accompanied by a photograph of yourself and your loved one. We regret we cannot return photos or reply privately to letters. Send your letter to: The Psychic Barber, Daily Record, One Central Quay, Glasgow G3 8DA.
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