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The Prophet's Haj step by step.

Byline: Adil Salahi

The articles in this series quote the detailed Hadith narrated by Jabir ibn Abdullah, describing the pilgrimage of the Prophet (peace be upon him) from the moment he announced his intention to do it. This Hadith provides the basis of most of the rulings concerning the performance of all pilgrimage rituals. We quote the Hadith and add some comments of explanation where necessary.

We learned last week that the Prophet entered into the state of consecration, or ihraam, shortly after leaving Madinah, at the point of meeqat, which is known today as Abyar Ali. We also learned what a woman who is having her period should do if she begins her pilgrimage. We continue with Jabir, the Prophet's companion, as he gives this detailed account of the Prophet's pilgrimage.

"We did not intend to do anything other than the pilgrimage. We knew nothing about the Umrah. When we arrived at the House (i.e. the Kaaba) with the Prophet, he touched the corner (i.e. kissed the Black Stone) then he moved in a jogging movement for three rounds and walked the other four. He then went to Maqam Ibraheem and recited: 'Make the place where Abraham stood as a place of prayer.' He stood with that place (Maqam Ibraheem) between himself and the Kaaba. In his two rak'ahs he read Surah 112, Al-Ikhlas, and Surah 109, Al-Kafiroon. He then returned to the corner (of the Kaaba, where the Black Stone is) and kissed it. He then left through the door nearer to the hill of Al-Safa.

"When he reached Al-Safa, he read: "Safa and Marwah are among the symbols set up by God. Whoever visits the Sacred House for Pilgrimage or Umrah, would do no wrong to walk to and fro between them. He who does good of his own accord shall find that God is most thankful, all-knowing." (2: 158) He also said: "Al-Safa and Al-Marwah are two places which God has made sacred." He went first to Al-Safa and climbed up until he could see the Kaaba. He turned his face toward the qiblah and declared God's oneness and glorified Him. He then said: 'There is no deity other than God. He has no partners. To Him belongs the Kingdom as well as all praise. He is able to do everything. There is no deity other than God. He has fulfilled His promise, given victory to His servant and has defeated the confederate forces on His own.' He also prayed to God. He repeated these phrases three times then descended toward Al-Marwah. When he was at the bottom of the valley (marked nowadays with two green lights) he started jogging. When we were again climbing up, he walked. When he arrived at Al-Marwah, he did there the same as he did at Al-Safa. He finished his sa'ie at Al-Marwah.

Thus, there is nothing special to be done on the way to Makkah other than repeating the phrases of talbiyah. These make clear that offering the pilgrimage is dedicated to God alone, in response to his order stated in the Qur'an. Purity of faith is emphasized as God's oneness is repeated over and over again. The mention of God's support of His Messenger is a reference to the defeat of the allied forces of unbelievers who tried to annihilate the Muslim community, but they suffered a humiliating defeat without being fought by any human forces.

On arrival in Makkah, a pilgrim should offer the tawaf and the sa'ie. If he is doing his pilgrimage in the ifraad or qiran methods, these count as his tawaf of arrival and the obligatory sa'ie of pilgrimage. Indeed in the case of qiran, it counts for both the pilgrimage and the Umrah. If the pilgrim opts for the tamattu' method, which is the one preferred by the Prophet, these count for his Umrah and he releases himself from consecration immediately after he finishes these duties. We will discuss this further next week, God willing.

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Publication:Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Date:Nov 7, 2008
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