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The Prodigal Husband.

by Jacquelin Thomas, New Spirit/BET Publications, April 2002 $15.00, ISBN 1-583-14254-1

In the genre of contemporary Christian fiction, The Prodigal Husband is much like contemporary Christian music, feeling secular, but upon closer inspection, anything but. The Prodigal Husband has enough of a story line to keep the reader engrossed and enough references to God to rival a rousing Sunday sermon.

Almost soap opera-like, The Prodigal Husband begins with Jake Madison, handsome, rakish, well-to-do, having just lost his baby daughter Tiffany in a car accident. After the tragedy, no one, including his wife, Tori, hears from him for more than a year. No one, that is, except for his business partner, Sheila, with whom Jake has had an extramarital affair.

Undergoing a serious crisis of faith after losing a child and his father earlier in life, Jake vowed never to set foot into a church again. As in real life, it is the women who have the strongest faith. Tori, through her trials, comes to realize that she is not simply her husband's wife, but a woman who still takes her wedding vows seriously.

Without being preachy, Prodigal Husband looks at how even well-meaning folks sometimes place themselves in compromising positions, like breaking their wedding vows. Even though the characters sometime resemble caricatures-Sheila, the homewrecking vixen who dresses in red, and sweet, nice-girl Tori who is righteously wronged-Prodigal Husband teaches that despite our human frailties, faith ultimately endures.

Like Yolanda Adams music, The Prodigal Husband sounds a familiar beat with a beautiful twist in the lyrics.

--Angela Bronner is a freelance writer living in Harlem.
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Author:Bronner, Angela
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
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Date:May 1, 2002
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