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Articles from The Proceedings of the Louisiana Academy of Sciences (January 1, 2000)

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A chemical hygiene plan/one school's document. Newchurch, M.K. Brief Article 95
A molecular approach to the study of parasite resistance and mate selection in wild turkeys. Jones, M.D.; Buchholz, R.; Hecht, S.; Findley, A.M. Brief Article 120
A picture and a thousand words: Portfolio writing in introductory biology lab. Sasek, T.W.; Knesel, J.A.; Galle, J.W.; Curtis, C.; Groves, F.H. 109
A software system for automatic statistical distribution identification. Basappa, P.; Browser, B.L. Brief Article 106
Alignment and calibration of the Oxford Microbeam at the Acadiana Research Laboratory. Hynes, S.F.; Glass, G.A.; Hollerman, W.A.; Pastore, N.J.; Tull, B.; White, G. Brief Article 126
An innovative sequential management curriculum for pathological gambling: a reality therapy model. Oyekan, J.O. Brief Article 113
An investigation of alkanol chain length on the fluorescence properties of micellar aggregates. Douglas, A.N.; James, T.B.; Ohene, F.H. Brief Article 132
Analysis of the binding of aluminum to transferrin in the presence of citrate. Lutterman, D.; Morvant, M.; Shoop, D.; Slayden, G. Brief Article 112
Aspects of reproduction in the southeastern five-lined skink (Eumeces inexpectatus): new data and a review. (Short Communication). Platt, Steven G.; Rainwater, Thomas R. 1991
Assessment of bottomland hardwood restoration at Ouachita Wildlife Management Area. Weber, D.S.; Pritchett, D.W., Jr. Brief Article 91
Bacillus tomato juice Agar: a special selective medium for aciduric microorganisms. Al-Dujaili, Jameel S.; Anderson, Robert (American businessperson and engineer) 3393
Bayou water analysis using TI CBL systems. Chauvin, J.V.; Turner, R.; Langland, V.P.; Berryhill, D. Brief Article 109
Beliefs about ozone depletion as perceived by elementary students. Pugh, A.F.; Groves, F.H. 103
Can computer-interfaced experiments help students understand chemical phenomena? Suits, J.P. Brief Article 93
Can quarks have several mass numbers? Edmonds, J. Brief Article 83
Characterization of the sulfite oxidase from Thiobacillus neapolitanus. Verberne, S.; Hilliard, N.P. Brief Article 90
Cherrybark oak plantation thinning for increased understory vegetative production. Wharton, K.L.; Chambers, J.; Meadows, J.S.; Ribbeck, K. Brief Article 113
Combined boundary and inertial effects for the drag on a sphere at low Reynolds number. Hussey, G.; Trahan, J. Brief Article 150
Comparison of GC/MS, GC/ECD, GC/TSD, and HPLC/UV for analysis of organochlorine and organophosphate pesticides. Dalvi, A.A.; Brotherton, H.O. Brief Article 120
Conformations of TNT-degradation products. Taylor, M.J.; Li, Z. Brief Article 90
Construction of a CCD camera. Davis, B.; Dowe, B.; Lisantti, J. Brief Article 113
Construction of an apparatus demonstrating the application of the heat equation to a stainless steel plate. Castille, D.; Crider, D.; Lisantti, J. Brief Article 117
Corrosion studies of aluminum implanted steel samples. Bashyam, M.; Reinhardt, J.R.; Hollerman, W.A.; Glass, G.A.; Pastore, N.J. Brief Article 102
Creating a postage stamp prairie garden with Cajun Prairie plants. Semar, M.; Vidrine, M.F. Brief Article 118
Cyclic aging studies of EPR using positron annihilation techniques. Prejean, J.; Naidu, S.V.; Basappa, P. Brief Article 124
Damselfly (Zygoptera) larvae predator avoidance adaptations and behavior. Baldwin, R.W. Brief Article 98
Database for distribution of plants in Louisiana. Walker, D.; Thames, S.; Rolen, S.; Allen, C.M. 115
Development of a cathode positioning system for a SNICS II ion source. Fournet, J.; Boudreaux, P.; Hollerman, W.A.; Glass, G.A.; Pastore, N.J. Brief Article 145
Development of a vacuum-compatible rotating sample holder for domestic cookware. McBride, M.; Morella, D.J.; Hollerman, W.A.; Glass, G.; Pastore, N.J. Brief Article 139
Distribution of Ehrlichia and Borrelia spp. in northeast Louisiana ticks. Knobloch, A.; Hecht, S.; Bounds, H. Brief Article 99
DNA isolation, quantification and RAPD analysis of captive wild turkeys. Jones, M.D.; Ellerbe, M.; Martin, B.; Buchholz, R.; Hecht, S.; Findley, A.M. Brief Article 84
Does methoprene cause toad malformations in the field? Williams, A.A.; Beard, D. Brief Article 105
Dynamic changes in a geographic distribution brought about by radical habitat destruction. (Short Communication). Crnkovic, Amanda 638
Ecological comparison of three populations of Mediterranean Gecko. Hibbs, T.S.; Meyer, H.A.; Paulissen, M.A. Brief Article 107
Effect of method of preparation on the ETIR and magnetic character of coal liquefaction catalysts. Murty, A.N.; Akundi, M.A.; Zhang, J.; Gibbs, M.; Laury, N.; Watson, M. Brief Article 179
Effects of pure bacterial culture isolates on the operational efficiency of a sequencing batch reactor wastewater treatment system. Samkutty, P.J.; Gough, R.H.; McGrew, P.B. Brief Article 115
Enzymatic degradation of polyurethane characterized by time resolved static scattering. Himel, D.; Calmes, J.; Norwood, D. Brief Article 130
Fault related folding near DeGray Lake, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas. Bieler, D.B. Brief Article 99
Flora of baygalls on Ft. Polk in west central Louisiana. Allen, C.M.; Stagg, C.S. 102
Foraminiferal paleoenvironments of Paleocene Wilcox (60 my) Tew Lake Marker. Glawe, L. Brief Article 180
Forestry education: connecting research to the resource. Kilpatrick, R.L. Brief Article 90
Geometrical effects in the resistance of metals: Part 2. Dodd, S.; White, G.; Kimball, M. Brief Article 101
Greenhouse study of in situ burning and phytoremediation for upland crude oil spills. Berry, L.A.; Hillard, J.B.; McCurdy, M. Brief Article 95
Growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes on supported substrates. Curtis, V.; Ticich, T.M.; Vander Wal, R.L. Brief Article 112
Identification of an essential histidine in human glutaminyl cyclase. Temple, J.S.; Bateman, R.C. Brief Article 97
Incorporating TI-CBL systems into Instrumental Analysis. Chauvin, J.V.; Aucoin, J. Brief Article 106
Innovative curricular changes for the improvement of undergraduate study programs in agriculture. Borsari, B. Brief Article 106
Interception of deaminatively generated carbocations by acetonitrile. Darbeau, R.W. Brief Article 89
Inventory of plants in Monroe's Zoo. Rolen, S.; Young, H., Jr.; Thames, S.; Doffitt, C.; Allen, C.M. Brief Article 167
Inventory of trees in Monroe parks and schools. Wilborn, S.; Benoit, K.; Rolen, S.; Sibley, J.; Allen, C.M. Brief Article 150
Java applets for student learning of physics concepts. Greene, R.L. Brief Article 88
Large ribosomal subunit 26S rRNA gene sequences suggest that Rhizophora harrasonii, R. mangle, and R. racemosa (rhizophoraceae) are distinct species. Neyland, Ray; Lowenfeld, Robin 2337
Lineations vs. fractures in outcrop: massaging data in northern Louisiana. Washington, P.A.; Strickland, C.L. Brief Article 107
Loss of weak acids in nitrogen purged aqueous solutions. Braun, R.D.; Manuel, R. Brief Article 108
Louisiana 4-H Outdoor Skills Program. Moon, W.D.; Doughty, S.C. 81
Magnetic characteristics of Fe-Co composite catalysts exposed to Syngas. Bruster, E.; Turner, L.; Porter, T.; Naidu, S.V.; Murty, A.N.; Akundi, M.A. Brief Article 235
Marsokhod 1999: remote geologic field study using an unmanned rover. De Hon, R.A. Brief Article 143
Mathematica in secondary schools. Calhoun, M.; Sharma, P.R. Brief Article 103
Measurement of Compton scattered electrons using 11.25 keV monochromatic x-rays. (Short Communication). Hollerman, W.A; Guardala, N.A.; Glass, G.A.; Land, D.J.; Price, J.L.; Ruzycki, N.; Broussard, L. 1017
Measuring the conductivity of high-temperature superconductors in the laboratory. Poole, M.; Horton, T.; Lisantti, J. Brief Article 90
Medical imaging with light. Rodriguez, J. Brief Article 101
Mercury levels in crayfish. Godwin, M.L.; Brotherton, H.O.; Junk, T. Brief Article 109
Metal speciation in sediments collected from Lac des Allemans, southeastern Louisiana. Daigle, L.; Berryhill, D.; Blanchard, R.; Kraemer, N.; Schultz, D.; Mandhare, K.; Beck, J. 120
MHC class II expression and protein synthesis are not altered in epidermal Langerhans' cells of female BALB/C mice following in vitro exposure to 2-butoxyethanol. Blaylock, B.L.; Singh, P. Brief Article 86
Microzyma revisted: Chemical composition and remarks on clinical observations. Spaulding, J.G.; Anderson, C. Brief Article 88
Molecular phylogeny of the Louisiana nutria. Kass, David H.; Doucet, John P. 6261
Morphological and genetic diversity in the green pondhawk (Erythemis simplicicollis). Schlueter, M.A.; Mountain, J.; Taylor, D. Brief Article 102
Naphthyridine-amino-thiolates as novel ligands. Vu, C.; Fox, S. Brief Article 100
Oligocene fishes and sharks from the type locality Rosefield Marl Beds (Catahoula Parish, Louisiana). Stringer, G. Brief Article 134
Ostracodes from the moats of medieval castles. Kontrovitz, M. Brief Article 105
Overview of the master gardener program in northwest Louisiana. White, J.W. 104
Paleoecologic reconstruction of the Oligocene macro marine fossils of the Byram Formation in West Central Mississippi. Guidry, B.D.; Phillips, M.R.; Zumwalt, G.S. Brief Article 98
Palm survival in northwest Louisiana. Doughty, S.C. Brief Article 149
Patterns in water level in wells from the Red River aquifer, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. Hubbard, J.T., III Brief Article 117
Polymerizable monomer reactants-modified polyimides. Reaves, S.A.; Hamler, D.; Hubbard, D.E. Brief Article 119
Predicting annual growth of forest trees. Cao, Q.V. Brief Article 98
Preserving biodiversity and local food resources for the enhancement of a sustainable development in West Africa. Borsari, B.; Koerner, I. Brief Article 103
Proposed sampling to determine nutrient cycling in Fort Polk baygalls. Thames, S.; Allen, C.M. Brief Article 111
Pyrolysis of poly(styrene sulfonic acid) for application in PET. Zippi, E.M.; Hoffmeyer, M. Brief Article 111
Quality of commercially bottled drinking water from three different sources in the Southwest Louisiana area. Al-Dujaili, J.; LeJeune, G. Brief Article 136
Radar identification of the ionospheric polar cap boundary. Blanchard, G.T.; Ellington, C.L. Brief Article 108
Rational student assessment in web-based chemistry courses. Robertson, M.J. Brief Article 94
Rooney's point: a model of decision analysis. Corrigan, G.E. Brief Article 104
Seasonal variations in the phytoplankton in Cross Lake, Shreveport, LA. Gill, J.; Kalinsky, R. Brief Article 89
Selling sawlogs on a weight basis--is it feasible? reasonable? advisable? Newbold, R.A. Brief Article 102
SEM and EDXS studies of chemical corrosion of tungsten carbide coatings on steel. Patterson, S.; Naidu, S.V. Brief Article 109
Sex determination in Daphnia magna influenced by endocrine disrupting chemicals. Zhang, L.; Baer, K.N. Brief Article 107
Spectral reflectance properties of common surface rocks and minerals for carbon dioxide differential absorption lidar. Smith, L.A. Brief Article 89
Succession in the Duralde Prairie Restoration Project. Allen, C.M. Brief Article 91
Synthesis of chalcogenophosphinic amides. Chreighton, M.; Rudd, M. Brief Article 98
Teleconferencing. Briggs, V.A.; Reddy, Y.B. Brief Article 144
The Cajun Prairie restoration project: a classroom for restoration ecology. Vidrine, M.F.; Allen, C.M.; Borsari, B. Brief Article 128
The conservation status of Mississippi crawfishes (Crustacea: Decapoda: Cambaridae). Fitzpatrick, J.F., Jr. 3756
The effect of four spacing treatments on baldcypress growth. Stelzer, E.; Young, J.; Chambers, J. Brief Article 101
The elements of a successful National Chemistry Week event. Vallee, J.E. Brief Article 94
The future of computer literacy. Curran, W.S. Brief Article 80
The relationship between physiography and settlement: Union Parish 1826-1900. Kruger, D.P. Brief Article 154
Use of a bench scale SBR to treat wastewater. McGrew, P.B.; Gough, R.H.; Samkutty, P.J. Brief Article 119
Use of a gradient programmer to study the polyelectrolyte effect in xanthan. diBenedetto, C.; Norwood, D. Brief Article 146
Use of Alka-Seltzer[TM] tablets to investigate temperature effects ([Q.sub.10]) on physiological processes. Gilbert, R.D.; Knesel, J.A. Brief Article 132
Use of students to operate and repair a 5SDH-2 pelletron accelerator. Hollerman, W.A.; Glass, G.A.; Pastore, N.J. Brief Article 114
Was Wrangellia formed by the Yellowstone Hotspot? Miller, T. Brief Article 96
Winter birds of small remnant prairies in the piney woods of northern Louisiana. Ingold, J.L. 107
Wound healing and scar reduction. Toney, B.E.; Spaulding, J.G. Brief Article 109

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