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Articles from The Proceedings of the Laurel Highlands Communications Conference (January 1, 2010)

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A new generation of museums and their visitors: a review of the literature. Gomboc-Turyan, Julie L. Report 4395
A virtual phenomenology: virtual interviews in the virtual game world of Everquest. Otto, Richard F. Report 7080
Creating individualized avatars to increase achievement of learning goals. McKeague, Matthew; Leidman, Mary Beth Report 1729
Cyberbullying: gender, culture, and the role of adults. Walker, Carol M. 3179
Does social networking drive the social structure of baby boomers? Technological determinism and the use of Facebook by baby boomers. Grosik, Laurie A. Report 4622
Edward T. Hall and proxemics. Gomboc-Turyan, Julie; Tourtellotte, Sarah 2221
Employers' perspectives on today's recruitment landscape: a qualitative study. Gasior, William J.; Lamberski, Richard Report 2774
Employment of communication technologies by military families for relational maintenance: an examination of uses and effects. Stewart, Margaret C. Report 3659
Everett Rogers: a biography of diffusion theory. Roeper, Karl F. Biography 5427
From an onion to communications research: the impact of social penetration theory on research in the field of communications. Schaeffer, Christine E. Report 2300
George Herbert Mead: an overview and understanding of symbolic interactionism. Walker, Carol M. 4795
Helpful strategies for designing a comprehensive self-study for university communications media departments. Lamberski, Richard; Dudt, Kurt; Olear, Craig; Forrest, Jennifer Report 6915
Mixing media and making presidents. Stiegler, Zachary; Leidman, Mary Beth Report 3917
New media's impact on communication theories. Defelice, Robyn A.; Ekinde-Epwene, Ntube; Stewart, Margaret; West, Carrie Report 3013
Rethinking Chinese media freedom: history, perspective and current trend of media industry. Dudt, Kurt; Qiu, Aining Report 2670
Social exchange theory: John Thibaut & Harold Kelley. Tucker, David Report 2714
Techniques for compliance-gaining: Marwell and Schmitt's contribution to the field of communications research. King, Mark T. 1870
The diffusion of social media in crisis response strategy. Jabro, Ann D. Report 3103
The pedagogy of new media: smarter, cheaper, more effective. Cullen, Sean; Fitzpatrick, Caroline; Hugues, Bryan; Liwosz, Miroslaw Report 5633
The role of internal communication in employee engagement. Kinneer, James Report 3395
The spiral of silence--the life and the impact of Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann. Lu, Yixin Biography 5460
Use of social networking tools in secondary education. Jones, Derek Report 2911
Virtual learning & real students: exploring success and failure of K-12 cyber education. Carnahan, Chris D. Report 3390
Where do undergraduate college students get their news? Start, Jay; Lamberski, Richard; Forrest, Jennifer Report 5151
Youth culture, social media, and phatic language: The death of the water cooler. Wiggins, Bradley E.; Konetes, George Report 2178

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