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The Price of Their Blood.

The ringing words of the late Secretary of Veterans Affairs and DAV Washington Headquarters Executive Director Jesse Brown are once again available for disabled veterans and all Americans in his compelling book The Price of Their Blood: Profiles in Spirit.

Written by Brown and best-selling author Daniel Paisner, this stirring work explores the courage, honor and resolve of 10 outstanding disabled veterans and their determination to overcome devastating adversity.

All proceeds from the book, selling at $14.95 each, will be donated to the Disabled Veterans' LIFE Memorial Foundation to create the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial in Washington, D.C.

"Jesse was a true American hero who lifted himself to greatness, not in spite of his disability, but perhaps because of it," National Adjutant Arthur H. Wilson said. "He rose from adversity and was an inspiration to us all.

"Jesse's proud service to our nation and his relentless advocacy on behalf of all veterans earned him the distinction of being known as the Secretary for Veterans Affairs. After leaving the President's Cabinet, Jesse continued his life's work by joining the campaign to build the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial to commemorate the sacrifice and dedication of all disabled veterans and to ensure they will always be remembered."

Brown began work on the book with the goal of using it to help fund the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial. Sadly, he died before finishing the work, and Paisner was asked by Disabled Veterans' LIFE Memorial Foundation Chairman Lois Pope to finish the book in Brown's memory. The book went on sale on Veterans Day 2003.

The Price of Their Blood: Profiles in Spirit examines the lives of outstanding disabled veterans such as blind Native American Michael A. Naranjo, a Vietnam veteran who became a renowned sculptor; Alfred Pugh, a 108-year-old World War I veteran who suffered lifelong disabilities resulting from mustard gas exposure during the Meusse-Argonne offensive; and Felecia Weston, a Gulf War veteran wounded in a SCUD missile attack who has dedicated herself to helping other disabled veterans as a DAV National Service Officer.

"The stories of these disabled heroes are testament to the resilience of the human spirit and courage of America's fighting forces," Wilson said. "Jesse understood better than anyone that all Americans owe our disabled veterans a debt of gratitude and honor."

Lois Pope guided the project to completion following Jesse's death and was pleased to see the book come to life.

"I envisioned a book that would honor the millions of unsung heroes of America's armed forces who have become disabled for life while defending our freedom, and I knew Jesse's pen would leave an indelible mark of gratitude and respect on the courageous stories of the disabled veterans profiled." Pope said.

"It was an honor to help celebrate this meaningful book and the precious life and continuing legacy of my dear friend, Jesse Brown."

Just fill out the handy order form on the back page and mail it in along with your payment to add The Price of Their Blood: Profiles in Spirit to your collection of exceptional books. It will be a favorite reading for you and the entire family now and for generations to come.
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Title Annotation:The Price of Their Blood: Profiles in Spirit
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Date:May 1, 2006
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