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The Power of a Wish.

The Power Of A Wish

Ali Lauren Spizman

Active Parenting Publishing

c/o The Spizman Agency Media & Public Relations

5280 Cross Roads Manor, Atlanta, GA 30327

1597230812 $14.95

The Power Of A Wish: A Celebration Of Love, Hope & Gratitude by Ali Spizman (an 18-year-old volunteer ambassador for the Mask-A-Wish Foundation of America) is a compendium of personal stories about the "wish kids" and their unforgettable experiences as their wishes were granted, providing them and their families with happy life-affirming events. Several of these wish kids profiled in The Power Of A Wish were able to go on to lead healthier, productive lives beyond their childhood. Included are heart-warming letters of gratitude and thanks written by the children and their families, along with personal reflections from volunteers, staff members, and celebrities ranging from Jazz legend David Brubeck, to skateboard legend Tony Hawk. The stories themselves range from 16-year-old Alex who saw his own car designs turned into full- color, 3-D images and a clay model by General Motors vehicle designers; to 14-year-old aspiring artist Shelby who toured Paris as part of her wish, and went on to create the painting used as the cover art for The Power Of A Wish. These and dozens of other uplifting stories make for the kind of reading that inspires us all to do what we can to make wishes come true for children everywhere.
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Title Annotation:The Power of a Wish: A Celebration of Love, Hope and Gratitude
Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Oct 1, 2005
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