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The Power of Partnerships: Lessons Learned from Research Alliances in the Northwest.

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Author(s): Akey, Terri; Hodara, Michelle; Morse, Les; Rosselli, Hilda; Finkelstein, Neal

The purpose of this panel is to discuss how researchers and policymakers work together in two Regional Education Laboratory (REL) research alliances to develop research agendas aimed at changing policy and practice and to provide practical lessons for researchers about the challenges and solutions to working in a research alliance context. The main content of the panel discussion will focus on three key issues that have emerged in their research alliance work--stakeholder engagement, capacity for research, and evidence use. The panel will describe how each key issue manifested in both featured alliances, explore variation in the approach to each issue, and discuss lessons that can be drawn from each alliance's experience to improve research alliance work. At the close of the panel, the moderator will provide a short response to the panelists' presentation and will engage the audience in a facilitated question-and-answer session about the key issues presented.

ERIC Descriptors: Researchers; Partnerships in Education; Educational Research; Educational Policy; Policy Formation; College Readiness; Career Readiness; Stakeholders; Educational Cooperation; Needs Assessment

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Source: Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness

ERIC Number: ED562827

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Author:Akey, Terri; Hodara, Michelle; Morse, Les; Rosselli, Hilda; Finkelstein, Neal
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Report
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jan 1, 2014
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