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The Power of Consecration--A Prophetic Word for the Church.

The Power of Consecration--A Prophetic Word for the Church

Jeremiah Johnson

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc.

978076805781, 2019, 146 pages

Catalysts for Spiritual Awakening and Reformation

Readers of "The Power of Consecration--A Prophetic Word for the Church" can anticipate a fresh encounter with the power of consecration. Jeremiah Johnson is known for his prophetic vision and holy passion for preparing the church, the bride of Christ for readiness for the return of the bridegroom for the wedding day of the Lamb.

Jeremiah's writing is a wakeup call to the church, a call to the church to be set apart, to live a life of consecration and holiness. His message is powerful filled with relevant truth for believers today.

I found the chapter dealing with a lifestyle of fasting to be insightful, motivating, and plan to incorporate these principles into my daily walk with the bridegroom. These truths are a definite challenge for a deeper intimacy with the Christ, and a more meaningful discipleship.

The prophetic nature of Jeremiah's writing with Biblical terms, and important references to Old Testament passages will require some serious study for many. The importance of the Holy Spirit's revelation and teaching ministry to believers cannot be under estimated, to get the most from the important basic truths presented throughout the book.

"The Power of Consecration--A Prophetic Word for the Church" by Jeremiah Johnson may well become the standard by which the Lord will rebuild his people.

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Author:Blake, Richard R.
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Date:Dec 1, 2019
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