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The Post picks gifts for Christmas.

just the thing he or she may be asking Santa for this year, from a portable golf course to a two-man submarine.

In Christmas buying, it's the thought that counts, and Post editors have put plenty of thought into the following suggestions, which may help fill those awkward voids on your shopping list.

Simply place one finger next to the item of your choice and use another to dial a toll-free number and place your order. Or order by mail. But don't wait too long-you'll want some time to play with these presents before you have to wrap them up.

A Real Show-Off. Do you have trouble with party guests' driving past your house? The answer is to make your address visible through rain, sleet, snow, dark of night, or foggy car window. And you can do this by presenting your spouse with "The Only SolarPowered Lighted Address Sign."

This is the only address sign that uses solar energy to recharge its power source during daylight hours. No external wiring is necessary to make this sign clearly visible ftom 100 feet. Its built-in ten-cell photovoltaic panel absorbs the solar energy necessary to recharge the four-volt acid battery-which will operate for 100 hours on a 3 -hour charge and run for ten days without sunlight. Its photoelectric eye automatically turns the light on at dusk and off at daylight. Included are three sets of adhesive 1 7/8" x 4 1/4" numbers-0 to 9-and one set of letters-N, S, E, and W. The sign is steel rimmed with plastic facing, and it's powder coated for weather resistance. Also included: a pair of two-piece enameled steel post stakes for lawn installation and brackets for wall mounting.

Order ftom Hammacher Schlemmer. Toll-free: 1-800-543-3366. #37639R: $104.50; #3764OR: $82.75 (without steel post stakes).

In the Dough at Last: Is there a newlywed on your gift list? Or maybe a not-so-newlywed whose biscuits are so heavy she should be wearing safety shoes when she bakes? Or is there one who can never find the bread hubby likes or has to drive halfway to kingdom come to get it? What a gift the "Automatic Home Bread Maker" will make-if you can bring yourself to give it up, that is.

This unique machine automatically mixes, kneads, leavens, shapes, and bakes a one-pound loaf in only four hours. For biscuits, croissants, and other bakery items, an automatic leavening mode mixes, kneads, and adds yeast to the ingredients, preparing the dough for manual shaping and baking in a conventional oven. It plugs into household outlets. A 30-page recipe book is included.

Order from Hammacher Schlemmer. Toll-free: 1-800-543-3366. #31525R: $342.50.

How Far the Moon?: This is the gift for anyone who would rather take measurements standing up than crawling across the floor-or worse yet, the yard-for the old yardstick-and-chalk method. The happy recipient can now get the measurements of a room, or the number of feet for a dog-run line, simply by aiming the "Most Accurate Electronic Measuring Device" at any flat surface up to 60 feet away.

Don't ask us how it works. Something about a sonic echolocation system similar to that used by submarine navigators. The figures are immediately displayed on an LCD readout. It operates on one nine-volt battery (included). Size: 5" x 3" x 1". Weight: 6 ozs.

Order ftom Hammacher Schlemmer. Toll-free: 1-800-543-3366. #36214R: $99.95.

Eighteen Holes at Home: Do you know of someone on your gift list (hubby, perhaps) who comes home ftom the golf course complaining about high greens fees, his playing buddy's kicking an out-ofbounds ball back in bounds, or being rained off when he was still two strokes ahead? Now you can settle his blood pressure by keeping him home-playing the game with the "Computer-Animated HandHeld Golf Game."

This pocket-size device simulates all the game conditions of an 18-hole, 72-par golf course, complete with doglegs, water hazards, and sand traps.

The player selects one of 12 clubs and determines the force and timing of his shot; then the LCD screen tracks the ball down the fairway past ponds, trees, and traps. If his club selection is wrong or his timing is off, the ball hooks, slices, or goes out of bounds. Once he's on the green, a putter is chosen and the distance is displayed. The device simulates one-person play, two-person stroke play, or two-person match play. A readout continuously displays the distance remaining, club selection, strokes, player number, and hole number. The game comes with a vinyl carrying case and a 38-page course guide. It uses two LR44 button batteries (included). SiZe: 7 1/4" X 4" X 3/4".

Order from Hammacher Schlemmer. Toll-free: 1-800-543-3366. #37010R: $74.95.

Sound of Musk: Does your gift list include someone whose favorite complaint is the crass jangle of the bell announcing a phone call? He will complain less, if at all, when th"Baby Grand Telephone" gets his attention musically by playing one of seven built-in melodies. The gift recipient can select a favorite or let the piano phone play a different tune every time it rings.

Each key corresponds to a note, from middle C to octave E. The music lover can play his favorite sonata, then pick up the handset and dial the numbered white keys for a clear, crisp conversation. The tone key lets him play tunes for listeners at the other end. The pause key gives him access to long-distance services. The mute key allows him to make off-line comments. The redial key remembers and redials any number up to 16 digits. The user touches the reset key to disconnect and redial. The telephone uses two AA batteries (not included), has an adjustable ringer volume for the melody, and includes a one-year warranty.

Order from The Sharper Image. Toll-free: 1-800-344 4444. #ICF200: $69 (plus $4 for handling and shipping).

Down Under. Isn't it irritating to ask someone what he wants for Christmas and have him reply, "I don't know," o "I can't think of a thing"?

Well, it's a cinch he hasn't thought of this. And it's a pretty safe bet that even the person who "has everything" doesn't have the "Two-Person Submarine."

Such a gift is all wet, you say? Oceanographers and commercial divers do not agree, for they have made good use of it. Its two 32-amp thrusters power the craft through the water at speeds up to three knots, and it will allow passengers to continue breathing at depths up to 60 feet. The nonpressurized cabin, constructed of compression-proof fiberglass with polyester resin, is entered from an underside opening, and it keeps the driver and guest completely dry from the chest up in its air-filled hull. That air supply is provided by an 80-cubic-footcapacity scuba tank (included) connected to a cabin regulator and two second-stage mouth regulators. The craft operates on two 100-amp rechargeable batteries (batteries and recharger included).

There are a couple of small catches to giving this gift: a scuba certification must be obtained for purchase, and training must be provided by the manufacturer. Thus a note on the gift card should instruct the proud new owner to call Mr. Ernie Hovland or one his technical advisers between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., EST, weekdays, collect, at 312-664-7745.

Height: 4'9". Width: 6'. Length: 8'. Weight: 980 pounds.

Order ftom Hammacher Schlemmer. Toll-free: 1-800543-3366. #16415R: $18,000.

Three-Person Submarine. Same as above, except for additional cabin area and all equipment needed for a third person. #16416R: $22,500.

More to Watch Than Television: "Go to the ant, thou sluggard; observe her ways and be wise." For the child on your list trying to become wise by watching television, discovering the fascinating world of the "Giant Ant Farm" might change his outlook. At least the ants will provide entertainment for all the family, as the busy little picnic pests go about their daily duties. Other ant farms are scratched easily and become hazy, but the viewing panels of the Sharper Image farm are made of a special polycarbonate that resists scratching. The escape-proof frame (we can hear Mom saying, "Oh, thank heavens!"), measuring 10" high, 15" wide, and 1" deep, is strong ABS.

This deluxe farm comes complete with sterile white tunneling sand; a year's supply of ant food; a water feeder; a feeding and care schedule; an Ant Watcher Society membership card; and Uncle Milton's 24-page Ant Watcher's Handbook. A folding magnifying glass for close-up observation is also included. When your gift recipient sends in the included certificate, he will receive by return mail an extra-generous quantity (45-50) of red harvester ants, one of the few varieties that dig in daylight.

Order from The Sharper Image. Toll-free: 1-800-344-1111. #IUA920: $39.00 (3.50).

Counting the Steps: He says they jogged a mile that morning; she says it seemed more like two. Why not let them know for sure, with a gift of the "Accusplit Pedometer"?

Unlike most pedometers-built like toys with accuracy to match-the Accusplit is a precision instrument engineered to measure distance both walking and jogging. Its threedigit counter clicks off the miles and tenths of miles like a car's odometer. A patented design allows the joggerwalker to quickly dial in his stride length on the numbered scale. The rugged ABS case attaches to belt or clothing with a stainless-steel clip.

If someone wants to be sure he walks a prescribed two miles or more a day and he still would like a change of scenery occasionally, an Accusplit pedometer is the way to go. The pedometer has a oneyear warranty.

Order from The Sharper Image. Toll-free: 1-800-3444444. #IAU150: $29 ($3).

Know When to Fold 'Em: Kids are now sliding downhill on everything from used tires and sheets of tin roofing to draining boards from the kitchen sink. Bill Cosby says he had to ride downhill on his cousin. All because of the inconvenience of transporting a toboggan from home to hill, in most cases. But no longer.

To make a family happy this Christmas, give them the "Only Folding Toboggan." That's right-it folds to only 18" x 36" x 7", yet its eight-foot cushioned surface holds up to four passengers comfortably. Its highdensity polyethylene frame provides a smoother ride than a wood toboggan, because of 3,000-pound tensilestrength aluminum hinges that flex when sliding over bumps or depressions. The toboggan's surface is corrosion proof; it never requires waxing. The three 15" x 28" x 1" foam cushions are vinyl covered, and there are two nylon ropes for sure grip. At 17 pounds, it is two -thirds less weight than other toboggans.

Order ftom Hammacher Schlemmer. Toll-free 1-800-543-3366. #27121R: $69.95.

Plane prints: It's a bird! . . . I a plane! . . . It's a whole flock of planes. And they are a most interesting gift idea for the vintage-airplane lover or just about anyone who wants to brighten his den, airplane lover or not.

The seven aircraft depicted in the "Vintage Airplane Prints" are historically significant, no restored and on exhibit at e Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum. The original fabric covering the wings and fuselage has been preserved, and a piece of this fabric, measuring approximately 2" square, will accompany each 15" x 20" print. Each print will also come with a historical sketch of the aircraft, along with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Choose from Albatros D.VA (German World War I fighter); Bleriot XI (1914 French monoplane); Curtiss NC-4 (first trans-Atlantic flight); De Havilland DH4 (U.S. World War I bomber); Wright Ex "Vin Fiz" (first trans-U.S. flight); Fokker T-2 (first nonstop trans-U. S. night); Douglas World Cruiser (first round-the-world flight). Or order all seven-if you think the guy is worth it. Order from: Aviation Relic Prints. Tollfree: 1-800-533-7763. Price per unframed print: $50.

What Fir: O.K., so the submarine is a little steep for your Christmas budget, every jogger on your list has a pedometer, and everyone else has an ant farm in his house all through the summer months. Then it's Christmas Ridge Handicrafts to the rescue.

This outfit' "Holiday Wreath Handmade in Appalachia" has to be the thickest, sweetest-smelling, and sturdiest fresh wreath available for Christmas '88. Measuring 22 'across and 4 "thick, it is crafted of noble fir and decorated with an oversize bow of red-white-and-silver ribbon, frosted pine cones, blue-berried juniper, and bunches of brilliant red holly berries (artificial). A solid metal frame holds the weight of the pine and makes it strong enough to withstand winter winds. The wreaths are individually packaged with a protective liner in sturdy ventilated boxes.

Order from Christmas Ridge Handicrafts, Dept. P, 322 Crab Orchard Road, Lancaster, KY 40446. Send a check for $30 (which includes UPS shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.) and complete address. (Orders received by November 14 are guaranteed for mid-December delivery.)

Speaking of Time: Why anyone would need to ask for the time during the night is his business. Our business is to describe the "Only Talking Wristwatch." With it, he can learn the time without turning on the nightlight or perhaps spraining an ankle falling in the dark on his way to read the kitchen clock. All he has to do is push a button on this unique timepiece; a clear, digitally synthesized female voice will say, "It's 2:54 a.m.," or whatever.

Originally developed for the visually impaired, the watch combines an hout-minute-second-month-day LCD quartz watch with a microprocessor and miniature speaker. It can be set to announce time automatically on the hour and half hour, and it has a wake-up alarm (with a five-minute snooze setting) that announces the time and then says, "Please hurry up." It includes a stopwatch-timer. The voice cari be shut off if the wearer gets sick of it. The plastic case and strap are moisture proof. The watch runs on two silver-oxide batteries (included).

Order from Hammacher Schlemmer. Toll-free: 1-800-543-3366. #25563R: $69.95.
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