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The Politics of Organized Crime and the Organized Crime of Politics: A Study in Criminal Power.


The politics of organized crime and the organized crime of politics; a study in criminal power.

Schulte-Bockholt, Alfredo.

Lexington Books


263 pages



Critical perspectives on crime and inequality


Schulte-Bockholt (criminology, Saint Mary's U. in Halifax, Canada) explores the politics of organized crime, focusing on cooperation between criminal organizations and political elites. He begins with historical comparison of the anti-left-wing 1927 Shanghai Coup in China with the similar 1980 Bolivian Cocaine Coup, in which criminal organizations played pivotal roles. He then presents the results of fieldwork investigating alliances between political elites and criminal groups in Columbia and Peru, formed for the purpose of suppressing left-wing groups, organized labor, human rights activists, and the media. He also discusses the emergence of organized crime in the former Soviet Union and in the emerging nation-states of 16th to 18th century Europe, as well as the implications of economic globalization for transnational organized crime.

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Title Annotation:Critical perspectives on crime and inequality
Publication:Reference & Research Book News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Aug 1, 2006
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