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The Political Economy of Java's Northeast Coast: c. 1740-1800.


The political economy of Java's northeast coast; c.1740-1800.

Kian, Hui Kwee.

Brill Academic Publishers


333 pages



TANAP monographs on the history of the Asian-European interaction


Much of the historiography of European colonialism in Asia has tended to tell an economic and political story of European "winners" and Asian "losers." In contrast, this study of the port cities of the Javanese Northeast coast by Kwee (PhD, history, Leiden U., the Netherlands) describes a varied group of European and Asian elites competing and cooperating in ways designed to maximize their own interests. Focusing on the coastal bupatis (regents), Mataram rulers, Chinese towkays (merchants), and authorities of the Dutch East India Company, he discusses how cost-benefit calculations often led various elites to cooperate with one another in the main sectors of the economy: product acquisition, tax farming, and the issue of money. Each of these sectors is first examined in overall terms. The study then turns to explorations of each of the various elite groups and their collaborations or conflicts with other groups in the mid- to late-18th century.

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