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Reliquary Fever

Beckian Fritz Goldberg

Western Michigan University

1903 W. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49008

9781930974944 $18.00

Reliquary Fever: New and Selected Poems collects the work of English professor and award-winning poet Beckian Fritz Goldberg. Most of the poems are brief; they appear in a variety of formats, yet each one is subtly expressive, offering an unforgettable picture of the human experience. Poems from the course of Goldberg's literary lifetime appear; many linger upon the tragedies of love and death, while others muse upon the most mysterious wonders inset within seemingly ordinary, everyday things. The result a treasury for poetry lovers to savor, highly recommended. "List": It was all new. / One day I bought birds-of-paradise. / One day I cleaned the oven. / One day I made a list. / The next // I did the list. / One day I sat out and watched / yellow burrs fall from / the sweet acacias. / I did // all the being you / I could, father, // all the rest / of this life.

Dreams for Breakfast

Susan Millar DuMars

Salmon Poetry

PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425

9781907056352, $19.95,

Facing reality is something you don't want to do until you've at least had your coffee. "Dreams for Breakfast" is a philosophical collection of poetry from Susan Millar DuMars, offering readers a grand collection of poetry and asks them many questions. "Dreams for Breakfast" is a fine collection of poetry which shouldn't be overlooked. "I Dream My Mouth": is a crusted wound/a galaxy in my throat./Stars spill past my lips,/sharp enough to draw my blood/but how they sparkle. Oh, look!

Perfect Blue

Kona Macphee

Bloodaxe Books

c/o DuFour Editions

PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425

9781852248666, $18.95

A different perspective can make anything in the world clearer. "Perfect Blue" is the second collection of poetry from Kona MacPhee as she provides a charming and original view of the many elements of life. Enticing and entertaining reading, "Perfect Blue" is a fine read and shouldn't be missed for poetry collections. "The Gift": Sometimes the recompense arrives/so far ahead of what you'll give/that you will fail to recognize/the reciprocity, the love//that circles in the universe:/this life a grace advanced, its knack/to meet requital with its cause--/the offering up, the giving back.

Complete Physical

Shane Neilson

The Porcupine's Quill

68 Main St, Erin, ON N0B 1T0

9780889843257, $14.95,

When your calling is preserving life, you come with a few unique ways to analyze the matter. "Complete Physical" is a collection of poetry from Shane Neilson, reflecting on his profession as a physician and his entanglements with love and death. "Complete Physical" is an intriguing collection, and a recommended one. "Ten Thoughts Before the Stroke": Failure./The sky in ribbons: and you in rearview,/and I have loved in spurts,/the stars have gone,/receding in disarray,/the stove burner on,/you are closer than you appear,//and much is unlatched,//much I cannot let go;/before.

Fancy Beasts

Alex Lemon

Milkweed Editions

1011 Washington Avenue South, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55415

9781571314437, $16.00,

Pick any year, and you'll find plenty absurd, but 2008 seemed especially special. "Fancy Beasts" is a collection of poems from Alex Lemon, as he brings a focus to this year, with poems attacking everything form commercialism to politics, and so much more. "Fancy Beasts" is a pick that should not be missed, very highly recommended. "All of the Made Roads": Choosing/my life, I drop//quarters in/the slot//& select/the worst//song on/the jukebox//& then sneak/out to//Watch/Through the rain-//streaked glass./O feverish//Praise--I can/Feel night//Struggle/to Lay//Back in/its own dark.

Sanctuary of the Soul

Alice M. Carleton

Mystic Publishers

850 S. Boulder Hwy., Ste. 436, Henderson, Nevada 89015

9781934051467, $16.98,

Sanctuary of the Soul: Poems of Anguish, Healing, Hope, Comfort and Celebration is an anthology of brief poems-most only one page long-that reflect multiple facets of the human condition. From the suffering of poverty, war, and death to treasuring the hope, joy, and togetherness that make life worth living, Sanctuary of the Soul is a beautiful, poignant, and inspirational collection. Highly recommended, whether to linger upon and contemplate a single poem at a time, or to immerse oneself in the verses all at once, cover to cover. "The Hope ... The Child": A child of passion and joie de vivre / A child of Eve / I can see potential / In rains torrential / And / The light in the darkest velvet night / In deepest silent Winter / I can see Spring / When all around / Nothing seems as if it will ever sing / We should live as if we are dying / Because / We are.

Absolute Bob

Anne Portugal

Burning Deck

1341 Seventh St., Berkeley, CA 94710

9781936194025, $14.00,

The everyman, the endlessly curious, the always questioning. "Absolute Bob" explores the place of the everyman and how he faces the world through the model of Bob. Deftly translated from French by Jennifer Moxley, told in a rolling style of a long story with poetry "Absolute Bob" is a fine piece of Anne Portugal's work.

I Tulips

Mario Petrucci


c/o DuFour Editions

PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425

9781904634935, $21.95,

If you blink, you might miss something. "I Tulips" is a collection of poetry with a scientific slant from Mario Petrucci as he brings readers a fascinating assortment of insight into the world and what it means to see and experience its beauty. "I Tulips" is an intriguing assortment of poetry, very highly recommended. "Behind the Lines": -just as you might never/find some white-worn/tongue of soap//long fluffed/beneath basin--or/fine marks of particular//weight penned in their/margin near skip-bottom or/one flake/falling deep in a/cwm between sheer-set//neighbors of pine--or/with morning still dark that//word/barely spoken/to your sleeping ear.

Rabbi Auschwitz

Louis Daniel Drodsky

Time Being Books

10411 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO 63131

9781568091327, $15.95

Some wounds take long to heal, and some are more vicious about the process than others. "Rabbi Auschwitz: Poems of the Shoah" is a collection of poetry from Louis Daniel Drodsky, going after his own recovery with a good deal of venom about the world, to himself, and what has happened to his people. As poignant and thought provoking as it is entertaining, "Rabbi Auschwitz" is a strong pick for poetry collections. "Bestial Desire": Instinct may hold the only clue/As to how crows, darting toward a flattened possum,/Then back to road's shoulder,/With beakfuls of bloody eye, entrails, or tail,/Avoid obliteration by cars racing along the pavement,/But I'm not sure I trust my instincts/To extrapolate a facile answer/From my observation of the commonplace.//Doubtless, theirs is a practiced act of savagery,/A necessary balancing of symbiotic opposites--/Life rising out of life given up./It's nature insulating itself against decay,/The most common denominator in death's equation./But perhaps these easy explanations/Fail to give the fanatical will to ravage its due./Maybe it has as much to do with bestial desire.

Interruptions in Glass

Tracy Hamon

Coteau Books

2517 Victoria Ave., Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4P 0T2

9781550504262, $16.95,

Reality can pass you by without you even realizing it. "Interruptions in Glass" is a collection of poems from Tracy Hamon, as she gives readers her take on the world as it should be and as it is. No shortage of thought and wisdom, "Interruptions in Glass" is a volume not to be missed. "In the Absence of Conversation I": Eat rice.//Engrave your name on a grain of rice. Tiny. So small no/one will see it. Wear it around your neck. Engrave your/name on thousands of grains of rice. Save them like/memories, for years. Throw them as confetti into the/face of the one who has left you.
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