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The Pirate Bay Down In The US: TPB Crew Resolved The Routing Issues.

Parts of the U.S. experienced difficulty in accessing The Pirate Bay as the file-sharing website went down. The crew at The Pirate Bay revealed that they cannot do anything about it. However, they stated that TPB will be online soon. Later, TPB team resolved the routing issues in 24 hours.

Whenever The Pirate Bay is unavailable or down, users start to speculate that it is possible that Internet Service Providers have been asked to block the website. Many also believe that it is likely that the website has changed its domain name yet again.

According to a report by ( TorrentFreak , numerous internet subscribers in the U.S. experienced problems in opening The Pirate Bay. The largest file-sharing website was accessible in other parts of the world.

However, The Pirate Bay proxy websites and VPNs were working fine even when the main website was down. The website noted that routing can be the problem.

TorrentFreak talked to The Pirate Bay team in order to find out about the downtime. TPB team revealed that there are problems beyond their control.

"As far as we are concerned TPB is online. Network connectivity issues are outside of our control. Many people are experiencing no issues connecting to TPB," member of The Pirate Bay team informed the website.

"Sooner or later these routing issues will be resolved. In the meantime, a proxy or VPN can be used," the person added. TF updated that the issues related to routing have been taken care of after 24 hours. Even if The Pirate Bay goes down, users find a way to access TPB using proxy websites. There are countless proxy websites for The Pirate Bay available on the internet.

The Pirate Bay has been on the list of Hollywood and anti-piracy organisations and they are constantly finding ways to shut down the website permanently.

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Date:Nov 28, 2014
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