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The Pink Ribbon Meet Organised by Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Delhi, Dec. 16 -- Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre organised "The Pink Ribbon Meet" with an aim to raise awareness about curability and preventive measures in successfully combating breast cancer. Breast Cancer survivors belonging to a wide range of age group from 25 to 85 along with various breast cancer experts participated in the annual programme of the centre in Delhi.

Dr. Kapil Kumar, Senior Consultant and Head of Breast, Thoracic and Soft Tissue Services, RGCI & RC highlighted low level of physical activity leading to obesity as a prime breast cancer risk factor among women. Dr. Kumar said, "Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancers affecting women across the world. However that does not discount that males don't get breast cancer. One of out of 100 breast cancers occurs in a male. The higher risk of breast cancer for women who gain weight is likely due to higher levels of estrogen, since fat tissue is the largest source of estrogen among women especially those who are in post-menopausal stage. Active lifestyle, following healthy dietary regime and avoiding smoking can go a long way in keeping cancer at bay from Women."

"In India around 80% of breast cancer patients are in an advanced stage when they go for treatment. Creating awareness about causes, issues and challenges in preventing and surviving breast cancer and latest treatments is the key agenda of this meet between the survivors and cancer specialists. RGCI & RC aims to take the fight against cancer through such innovative programmes across general public." said Dr. Kumar about the agenda of the event.

Breast cancer survivors 35-year old Mrs. Pramila (name changed) echoed the sentiments of her fellow survivors, "It was a really scary and dark time batting cancer. But the latest treatments, medications and care available at the centre instilled the faith and belief in me and my family that we can overcome this disease." She also agreed that lack of awareness about breast cancer had almost made her ignorethe lump in her breast which she thoughtwas normal part of breast-feeding. "I was healthy, fit, on the young side of life, so there wasn't really anything that would have pointed me in that direction at all," she recalls.

Participants at The Pink Ribbon Meet underlined the message that breast cancer can be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyles. For instance, many late effects can be avoided or minimized by eating a healthy diet, being physically active and quitting smoking. The meet was informative with panel discussion involving the survivors and doctors.

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Date:Dec 16, 2013
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