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The Pillar of Security Culture.... Anti-Narcotics.

Manama, July 12th (BNA) --In the framework of the policy aiming at the pillar of the security culture, particularly anti-narcotics, and in completion of the articles published earlier, today we will address the issue of the possibility of exemption from punishment for drug offenses according to cases stipulated by the Bahraini legislature. The aim of this addressing is intended to facilitate the return to the right approach and refrain from wrongdoing, which is considered one of the successful means to eradicate such disease.

Anti-narcotics is a national duty, which must be adhered to by everyone according to the ability of each, even those who have been involved in drug crimes, the law has stipulated on exempting them in case of reporting such crimes.

Meanwhile, the Bahraini legislator was prudent when he took such issue into consideration in Law No. (15) for the year 2007 on narcotics and psychotropic substances. The legislator opened the door for those who return and not continue in committing such crimes, through what has been stipulated of exemption from punishment for those who take the initiative to inform public authorities about some drug crimes prior to the knowledge of the authorities.

Thus, the legislator calls on the desire for exemption from punishment and repentance, through granting an opportunity for those who were involved in some crimes to come back to their senses.

The law stipulates in Article (53) that "Will be exempted from the penalties stipulated in Articles (30), (31), and (34) first paragraph and Article 36 first paragraph of this law, everyone of the perpetrators who takes the initiative to inform public authorities about the crime committed before their knowledge of it. But, if informing the authorities occurs after their knowledge of it, exemption from punishment is conditioned, if that informing leads to the arrest of the rest of perpetrators or reporting about the people who were involved in the crime.

In an explanation to the reader, the crimes stipulated in the previous article, where the persons who reported are to be exempted from punishment, are crimes of trafficking in narcotics, psychotropic substances or precursors either through bringing, importing, exporting, manufacturing, planting, possessing, or transporting for money to be paid.

Therefore those who are involved in the above-mentioned drug offenses and then take the initiative to inform public authorities before their knowledge of these crimes, in accordance to the law, they will be exempted from criminal punishment stipulated by the law for such offenses.

On the other hand, if informing about these crimes occurs after the knowledge of the authorities, it is conditioned that such reporting leads to the arrest of the rest of the perpetrators or to name the persons who were involved in the crime.

The Islamic religion orders to preserve people from harm, and calls on repentance from wrongdoing, so those who report about such crimes are described as having sincere conscience and good faith, and also seek to repentance and they are truly patriotic.

This is an important call to anyone who are involved in narcotics crimes to take the initiative and inform Ministry of Interior about them to take advantage of the being exempted from punishment, and thus come back to their senses and repent for such crimes. By this way they protect their homeland from their dangers, and secure themselves from punishment, and their families and children from a dark future and notorious reputation.


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Publication:Bahrain News Agency
Date:Jul 12, 2013
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