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The Pill has a nasty side to it; Health.

Byline: Samantha Cope

Q I'VE been getting bad side-effects from the Pill so I think I need to change my contraception method. I've no idea which one to choose. I'm not planning a family any time soon. What would you recommend?

A THERE are at least 15 different methods of contraception and new products are developed all the time so you can pick the method to suit your lifestyle.

If the hormonal contraception you have been using is giving you unwanted side-effects you may wish to change the type of Pill or try a temporary barrier method.

Condoms, a diaphragm or cervical cap are all effective disposable options. If you prefer something longer term try an implant or IUD.

These provide ongoing birth control that is easily removed if your plans change. There is plenty more information on the Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor website at
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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion, Column
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Sep 1, 2013
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