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The Physician's Finishing Touch Launches First True Medical Dermatology Clinic and Spa; Complete Health and Wellness Spa.

ATHERTON, Calif. -- The Physician's Finishing Touch today announced the grand opening of its Skin Rejuvenation Clinic and Wellness Spa. As one of the first, true medical spas in California offering comprehensive cosmetic laser surgery, the spa is a complete wellness center -- promoting vitality, fostering anti-aging procedures and improving appearance -- through non-ablative, no-risk cosmetic dermatological procedures. Utilizing natural, botanical and prescribed pharmaceutical grade products and under the direction of a full-time dermatologist, the spa reflects the fastest growing market demand for spas which provide both aesthetic enhancements, whole-body wellness and advanced skin rejuvenation with non-surgical procedures.

State-of-the-art equipment in the capable hands of a professional staff provide customized patient treatment for permanent hair removal, scar removal, sun damage, blotchiness, brown spots, moles, warts, wrinkles, lifting and contouring of sagging skin and a host of other programs to treat a variety of skin conditions with little to no recovery time. The carefully selected devices, based on Gold Standard Technology and with FDA approval, yield the most effective results with minimal to no down time. The Physician's Finishing Touch is the first in California to operate the DermaOceania(TM) -- a hydro-therapy spa with steam and Hydrofusion(TM), which increases the metabolic system, improves the immune system utilizing infrared light, and provides toxic lymphatic drainage. The spa is also the first to carry the SkinMaster(TM), which, through mechanical and thermal action, exfoliates, moisturizes, circulates and clears the skin without crystals or dermabrasion. The Physicians Finishing Touch is also the first in the world to supply purified Vital Organic Water "VOW"(TM) to all the spa's systems, apparatus and patients.

Dr. Edward Perez, primary physician at The Physician's Finishing Touch, is one of the highest trained dermatology doctors in the country -- holding several medical patents and inventing and creating new techniques and equipment which increase life long wellness and assist patients in achieving their personal best. The customized treatments are based on his extensive portfolio in medical engineering and dermatology, with degrees from Harvard Medical School, Chief Resident in Dermatology at Stanford and a PhD from MIT in Medical Engineering.

In addition, an extensive support staff includes: Dr. Abraham Kryger, famous author and holistic Physician, servicing patients for over 25 years in hormone imbalances, sexual dysfunction in both men and women, depression, aging issues and appetite disorders; Dr. Michael Papalian, Board Certified with 17 years experience in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery; Irena Aguirre, a European Esthetician and Dermatological Nurse with over 17 years experience working with plastic surgeons and dermatologists; Bruce Mieir, with 15 year experience as a Therapeutic/Orthopedic Masseuse and Physician's Assistant; and Annette Corrsetti, Endomologist and Epifacial Technician, specializing in cellulite reduction and hair removal.

The Physician's Finishing Touch is presenting a Free Health and Wellness Event on Thursday, October 13th at 6:30 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom at the Marriott Hotel in Burlingame, California. The free event will highlight the latest techniques and equipment in skin rejuvenation and will provide an opportunity for clients to meet the top skin care specialists in the country, evaluate actual results and products and win a free make over.

About The Physician's Finishing Touch

The Physician's Finishing Touch, located in Atherton, California, is an industry leader in state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures -- including general dermatology, dermatological surgery and skin rejuvenation -- with little to no recovery time. Promoting health and wellness with a nurturing Western holistic approach, the Physician's Finishing Touch treats a broad spectrum of skin conditions for all skin types utilizing the latest technology and equipment. Services are provided by and under the direction of a reputable, experienced and respected dermatology physician with credentials from Harvard Medical School, Chief Resident in Dermatology at Stanford and a PhD from MIT in medical Engineering.

The Physician's Finishing Touch is headquartered at 3301 El Camino Real, Suite 101, Atherton, California, 94027, with a professional, certified and licensed support staff comprised of a Dermatological Nurse/Aesthetician, Endomologist, Therapeutic/Orthopedic Masseuse and Physician's Assistant, Cosmetic Consultants and a collective of cosmetic support staff including a Dentist, Plastic Surgeon and Hormone Physician. For more information visit
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Date:Oct 12, 2005
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