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The Photography Shelf.

Mammals of Montana, second edition

Kerry R. Foresman

Mountain Press Publishing Company

PO Box 2399

Missoula, MT 59806

9780878475907, $32.00,

The vast wilderness of Montana offers many sights and sounds that will entice just about anyone. "Mammals of Montana" is the second edition photography and nature guide from the team of author Kerry R. Foresman and photographer Alexander V. Badyaev. Providing a full color and informative guide throughout, each critter has many photographs and graphs offering details on ecology, behavior, taxonomy, and other information on the m any creatures who call the fields, hills, and mountains of Montana home. "Mammals of Montana" is a strong pick for those who a scholarly or amateur interest in nature and its many creatures, a top choice for community and college nature photography collections.

Valley of Shadows and Dreams

Ken Light & Melanie Light

Heyday Books

PO Box 9145, Berkeley, CA 94709

9781597141727, $40.00,

The breadbasket of America is vital for the nations continued success, but their lies many troubles in the region. "Valley of Shadows and Dreams" is a collection of black and white photography that focuses on Mendota, as migrant workers, struggling people of many stripes make their way through life, the decay of life around them and much more. "Valley of Shadows and Dreams" is an enticing addition to any photography collection with a strong social message of the problems plaguing farm workers all across the country.

Tabletop Photography

Cyrill Harnischmacher

Rocky Nook

802 East Cota Street, 3rd Floor

Santa Barbara, CA 93103

9781937538040, $24.95,

The photograph, in its most base form, is a copy of reality, but clarity and catching all that is needed is harder than one would think. "Tabletop Photography" is a photography how to guide from Cyrill Harnischmacher, demonstrating how to get the most out of one's photography skills and create excellent still photos of objects to reach that professional quality that is often sought out of life. "Tabletop Photography" is a strongly recommended pick for any amateur photographer or advanced one who just seeks to further their skills.


Brian Vanden Brink

Down East Books

PO Box 679

Camden, ME 04843

9781608931798, $65.00,

Man has gained the power to reshape the world in his own image. "Iconic: Perspectives on the Man-Made World" is a collection of full color photography from Brian Vanden Brink, as he explores the creations of mankind. These conceptually simple photos capture a feel of a world taken far away from its natural state and the triumph of man over nature. With much to ponder throughout, "Iconic" is a strongly recommended addition to any artistic photography collection of for anyone considering a coffee table book that provokes thoughts in ways one may not have considered before.

Beartooth Country

Mervin D. Coleman

Farcountry Press

PO Box 5630

Helena, MT 59604

9781560375241, $12.95,

Nature unspoiled is truly a sight to see. "Beartooth Country: The Absaroka and Beartooth Ranges" is a collection of nature photography set in the wilderness surrounding the town of Cody, Wyoming, one of the largest intact ecosystems one can find in a temperate climate. For lovers of nature who want a vast collection of beautiful full color photography, "Beartooth Country" is a compilation well worth considering.

Beyond Point-and-Shoot

Darrell Young

Rocky Nook

802 East Cota Street, 3rd Floor

Santa Barbara, CA 93103

9781933952956, $29.95,

Beyond Point-and-Shoot: Learning to Use a Digital SLR or Interchangeable-Lens Camera assumes little or know prior knowledge of photography or its terminology and is written for the novice photographer who wants to make the move from new picture-taker to 'real' photographer. It covers the basics of the camera's semi-automatic and manual settings, discussing technical applications of exposure, depth of field, metering, white balance and much more. From camera types and lens to using different preset exposures, tweaking aperture, and using the histogram to produce better pictures, this is a highly recommended guide for any who wish to move beyond the snapshot realm.

SnApp Shots

Adam Bronkhorst

Chronicle Books

680 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

9781452107127, $18.95,

SnApp Shots: How to Take Great Pictures with Smartphones and Apps is an outstanding resource for a generation that is increasingly using a cell phone as their major camera. It's compact, it's often on one's person, and it holds many of the capabilities of a full-sized camera - but what's previously been missing is a handbook designed to explore camera operations and apps alike. Enter SnApp Shots, a wide-ranging guide that includes all kinds of phones, from Blackberry to Android and the iPhone. It cuts the jargon, explores all kinds of photo-enhancing apps for different phones, and offers stunning pictorial support for these app-polished images. Any phone owner who uses the camera feature will want this powerful survey.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Digital Classroom

Jennifer Smith and the AGI Creative Team

John Wiley

c/o Wiley Professional Trade Group

111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774

9781118123898, $49.99,

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Digital Classroom packs in a complete training package in an instructional book that pairs well with a companion DVD, and is a strong pick for any Photoshop learner who wants a complete training package under one cover. From editing images using layering and masking to using color correction, creating compositions using new tools, keeping images organized with Adobe Bride, and more, expert instructors offer some 14 lessons to help learn Photoshop CS6 skills in a step-by-step collection of instructions supported by video tutorials on the companion DVD. Any Photoshop CS6 learner will find this a winning approach to a complex program!

Complete Digital Photography, seventh edition

Ben Long

Course Technology

c/o Cengage Learning, Inc.

200 First Stamford Place, Stamford, CT 06902

9781285077260, $44.99,

The seventh updated edition of Complete Digital Photography provides an in-depth survey of the camera's controls, offering tutorials on exposure, detailed chapters on composition, instructions on how to craft a post-production workflow, tutorials on image editing, and much more. From coverage of printing and photo art to the basics of digital composition, shooting and postproduction to printing, this is a virtual course in a book and teaches the basics of mastering digital works. Very highly recommended as a basic all-in-one primer for any working with digital images!
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