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The Phina Oruche diary.

Byline: Phina Oruche

JUST like the !lm Back to the Future we've arrived in London at the site of the 2012 Olympics. We are going back to the past. We are also in London - my husband, son and I - doing the capital with no frills. No television, no phone, no games, no iPad just books and each other.

We are literally camping in a big old grand but empty house here. And it's really great fun. PSe !rst night the pump on the air mattress didn't work so we were basically (c)at on the (c)oor.

We had 'fun' sorting that one out I can tell you, improvising with cushions gleaned from my mother.

Next day, though, the sun rose and so did we with the larks and cycled to the river boat that takes you from Greenwich to the London Eye and then on to the Houses of Parliament, and of course my son's favourite - St Stephen's clock tower also known as Big Ben.

I have lived on and o in London since I was a teenager and I have never been on PSe PSames or had a tourist's eye view of its wonderful sights.

PSe things we saw!

And how close we all were, talking to one another instead of relying on screens to entertain us. PSe dierence in sound when you don't have all your electric appliances buzzing constantly. How peaceful - yes London can be peaceful believe it or not.

I have.noticed with mirth the 'controversy' of fantastic Jamaican ' sprinter Usain Leo Bolt, apparently saying the 'Commonwealth Games 'were a bit ....' When are t ....' journalists going to learn? All week I have had to hear the non-news story of how some desperate hack spoke to him for one minute while he was on the phone and waiting in the rain for his car.

As with anyone riding high someone always tries to bring them low. He has never had even a whisper of negativity. PSink about that - even when his team mate Asapha Powell tested positively for doping.

Don't think for a second Usain hasn't been tested and tested again. He must be as clean as a whistle and just a natural phenomenon. Otherwise those who cannot take others success would have already brought the great sprinter down.

My favourite story is theway he answered them. He said not one word to his detractors - yet he got on the track - as the fourth runner in the relay, and even after a fumbled baton pass by other runners earlier in the chain, Bolt came out and did what he does best - charged home to victory.

Go on, Usain! PSe best thing to do to your critics us out run 'em.

Bless you!

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
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Date:Aug 6, 2014
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