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The Phantom of Fame: Are You it?

Byline: Umm Zahra

1. Once when Abdullah ibn Masood (rtam), one of the Prophet's (sa) most reputed companions, walked out of his home, people crowded around him. He turned to them: "Why are you following me? If you knew what my situation is behind closed doors, not even two of you would follow me." (At-Tawadu Wal-Khumul)

2. Imam Ahmed's uncle visited him when the Imam was a famous personality. His uncle noticed that Imam Ahmed was in a state of grief and misery, resting his face in his hands. His uncle enquired about the Imam's troubles. Imam Ahmed raised his head and replied: "O Allah, how blessed is the one whose reputation is dulled by Allah!" (Tareekh Dimashq)

3. The Prophet (sa) said: "Paradise is for him who holds the ropes of his horse in the path of Allah with his hair untidy and feet covered with dust. If he is placed in the frontline, he is perfectly satisfied, and if he is put at the back, he is still perfectly satisfied. He is so simple and unassuming that if he asks for permission, he is not granted it, and if he intercedes, his intercession is not granted." (Bukhari)

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5. Remember!

A Momin only seeks to become special in the eyes of Allah (swt) through his worship and obedience. It is Allah (swt) Who decides to honour him in Dunya and Akhirah. He is most content pursuing excellence and staying silently unnoticed. Try it! It's a delicacy. Rare and priceless!

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Date:Aug 2, 2019
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