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The Perfect Mile.

THE PERFECT MILE. Neal Bascomb. 2004. Read by Nelson Runger. 11 tapes. 14.5 hrs. Recorded Books. 1-4025-8333-8. $91.00. Vinyl; content, reader notes. JSA

As with his in-depth history of US skyscrapers in Higher, Bascomb has once again provided dramatic research for this lively narrative of three men in the 1950s who valiantly sacrificed and trained to run the first four-minute mile. Believed to be beyond the limits of the human body, this barrier would be relentlessly attacked separately by three world-class runners from England, Australia, and the US following the 1952 Olympics. Utterly different in their upbringing, mannerisms, lifestyles, and training methodology, each runner nonetheless believed in his own ability to beat his competitors and the world record.

Runger's intonation ebbs and flows effectively as the dramatic conclusion defines a spectacular moment in sports history. A bonus is the interview with the author at the end, in which he divulges additional information not included in the book's narration. This inspiring material is for all listeners. Sunnie Grant, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Ipswich, MA
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Author:Grant, Sunnie
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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