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Danny Guy says: "My grandmother, Miss Lily Clift, joined The Moody Manners Opera Company on August 22, 1907, giving her age as 17, when in fact she was only 13. Because she was very tall, she got away with it. Her contract was to sing, dance and act as an understudy for some of the main characters. She stayed with them until 1911 and my mother Marjorie was born on March 30, 1911. Her father was the first violinist in The Moody Manners Opera Company Orchestra. He was Italian and it seems he left for America with his wife. I'm sure all my family would thank him for the music talent we all inherited from him. In August 1911, Lily signed for the Circus Albert Schumann based in Berlin. Then on November 13, 1914, she signed up with a troupe called The 8 Merry Macs as a singer and dancer. On the photo you can see the Albert Schumann Group boarding the train for Berlin. Lily is pictured fifth on the right, back row. My mother Marjorie is the baby held by the lady, who is ninth from the end."

Miss Lily Clift appeared with some very well-known stage stars such as Hetty King, wee Georgie Wood and many others. In 1932, when she was 38 years old, she played Principal Boy for the last time. She appeared in Humpty Dumpty at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, with wee Georgie Wood, who was the star of the show, and sent her this signed photo, left. She then decided she had enough of travelling, so retired from the stage. She worked hotels for a number of years and eventually had a house in Lenthall Street, Walton, where she was a barmaid in the Walton Labour Club and being an old trouper, she still entertained there.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 15, 2019
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