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The People's Archive.

| THIS lovely old snap | |has been sent to us by an ECHO reader who says: "During the 1960s and amidst high winds, this photograph came blowing along Chatsworth St and into Wavertree Rd.

"There was mass clearance going on at the time and it more than likely came from a bombsite in Uxbridge Street, where it was taken on Victory Day over Japan in 1945.

"I think it may be of interest to old Edge Hill people."

| THIS photograph was sent in by Tony | |Morris, who can be seen relaxing on the stern of HMS Tenby, Y100 Frigate, in 1959.

Tony says: "I would like to contact the chap on the right of the picture, who I knew as Tomo (official title ME1 Thomas).

"I am the second person from the right and was known as ME1 Tony Morris. I am now 77 and Tomo would be around the same age.

"I also served with him on HMS Ocean. I understand that he came from Edge Hill and I would like to meet up and have a chat."

Tony can be contacted on 07811 314508 or emailed at This picture of Banks Road Methodist Church Scout | |Group 1951-1952 was sent in by John Gorst.

First row (from right) 5th boy Alan Fowler, 6th David Goodall (son of Scout Master).

Second row (from right): 1st Vicar, 3rd Mr Goodall (Scout Master), 5th John Gorst, 6th & 7th Mason boys (sons of Asst. Scout Leader), Mr Roberts and Mr Mason (far left) both Asst. Scout Leaders.

Bold Street today is virtually unrecognisable from the | |way it looked in the 1980s, as this photograph taken in November 1988 shows.

The old Waring & Gillow furniture store is not the only piece of the landscape to be consigned to the dustbin of history, but perhaps some ECHO readers recognise themselves or relatives out on a Saturday afternoon early Christmas shopping trip.

If so, get in touch using the details at the top of the page.

| The pictures on the left and below were sent in by Richard Barton, who | |says: "They were taken when we were in our late teens/early twenties as Liverpool seamen who sailed from this city on the great liners, when it was one of the biggest and most important seaports in the world.

"At the time we had over 20,000 seamen in this city and there were few families who didn't have a relative or friend going away to sea.

"Photograph one (left) shows the boys relaxing in The Pig. "Stan Waters, Billy Crownie, Kenny Adams, Keith Hole, Ron Plomer with a couple of other guys on the Caronia South Pacific Cruise in 1953.

"Quite a few of the boys went ashore to the States and you would find them in the best restaurants in New York and even Hollywood.

"The second photograph shows a group in Gerry Lewis's restaurant in Hollywood - Johnny Redhead, Alan Bell, Hayden Fleming, Tony Cowper and Mike Shea - all ex-Cunard men."

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 25, 2014
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