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The Peaceable Kingdom: Edward Hicks.

How long do you think a block of ice would last on a hot, sunny beach? What happens to the darkness when you turn on a light? Light cannot live in darkness. Ice cannot live in the heat of the sun. Certain animals do not like to live with certain other animals. Their natural instinct tells them to avoid or attach their natural enemies for food or protection.

Have you ever wondered why cats and dogs often do not get along? Why do lions and lambs usually not live together in peace? If you had a hound and a fox as your pets, would you put them in the same place to live? Why not?

Edward Hicks was a painter from early America. He painted many pictures about peace on earth. He must have had some of the same questions about the animals when he imagined a world where everything is at peace. The quiet landscape is filled with many kinds of animals. Wild animals such as wolves, tigers and leopards live with children in this magical world of harmony. This is indeed a Peaceable Kingdom.

Edward Hicks painted in a flattened and simplified style with pure, bright colors. This simple and direct style of art is called primitive art.

A Painting or Drawing to Try

Imagine your own peaceful world.

What animals would you like to be in this imaginary world?

What kind of plants and flowers would you like to be in this imaginary world?

Make a picture of this peaceful world with all of your favorite plants, flowers and animals.

Don't forget to include yourself.

You might include a friend to share this place.

Some ways you can make your picture are:

* Cut-paper collage

* Tempera paint

* Group mural

* Crayon

* Ink

* Chalk

Tell your friends why you chose certain animals and plants and people to be in your picture.

Words to discuss





primitive art

H.T. Niceley is a professor at Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee, and a frequent contributor to SchoolArts.
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Title Annotation:oil painting
Author:Niceley, H.T.
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Date:Mar 1, 1991
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