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The Paxman Horn Quartet Gig Book II.

The Paxman Horn Quartet Gig Book II by William Melton. edition ebenos, Maxstr. 5, 52070 Aachen, Germany ; Complete set of parts (1-4), ISMN-M-700196-71-4, ee 213020, 2013, 69.90 [euro].

Gig Book I was reviewed quite favorably in our February 2009 issue, and the response to Gig Book II is no less enthusiastic. As the publisher says, "The Paxman Horn Quartet Gig Book II is, like its predecessor, a one-volume solution for your next quartet gig.... A few old favourites are included among the 107 pieces, but most are new arrangements that span six centuries of musical style. Also present are premiere editions of original works for horn quartet from manuscript sources, as well as others that have been out of print for generations. What's more, detailed programme notes for every piece can be downloaded and inserted directly into your own programme booklets."

Once again, with William Melton in charge, the results are authoritatively researched, carefully chosen, and comprehensively presented. The range of composers, from Guillaume DuFay to Alban Berg, covers styles from the 15th to the 20th centuries, and the variety of tunes, even within each section, is truly impressive.

Section I, "The Hunt," consists of hunting songs and fanfares ca. 1600-1900 presented chronologically, by composers such as Edward Pearce, Michelangelo Rossi, Handel, Francois Hunten, Halfdan Kjerulf, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Rossini, Karl Eduard Hering, Fanny Hensel, ETA Hoffmann, Tekla Badarzewska-Baranowska, Anton Rubinstein, Sir Julius Benedict, Gisela von Lorinser, Ignaz Brull, Ernst II, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Dorsey W. Hyde, and Ludwig Thuille.

Section II, "Sacred Music," consists of motets, chorales, a Requiem mass, spirituals, and hymns ca. 1400-1900, by Dufay, Rameau, Josquin, John Sheppard, Byrd, JS Bach, CPE Bach, Michael Haydn, Mozart, Caspar Ett, Clara Schumann, Salomon Sulzer, Bruckner, Cesar Cui, Grieg, Rowland Huw Prichard, Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, Holst, Luise Le Beau, Wolf, Ingeborg von Bronsart, Parker, and Busoni.

Section III, "Occasional Music," consists of seasonal/ holiday tunes, fanfares, national anthems, and even music for an old English wedding, by George Butterworth, Beethoven, Anthony Holborne, Peter Cornelius, Charles Wood, Clement Janequin, Niels Gade, Edward MacDowell, Sir Hubert Parry, Anatoly Liadov, John Bennet, and Thomas Ravenscroft. The national anthems included are from Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Spain, Israel, Turkey, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, and South Africa.

Section IV consists of "Little Concert Pieces": instrumental and vocal pieces ca. 1600-1930, from genres like the canzona, fantasia, madrigal, folk song, fugue, romance, serenade, chanson, even small original works for horn quartet, and a few encores. Composers include Samuel Scheidt, Purcell, Robert Lucas Pearsall, Jean Baptiste Eduard Du Puy, Louise Farrenc, Wagner, Henri Kling, Agathe Backer-Grandahl, Dvorak, Wilhelm Volkmann, Jules de Swert, Mussorgsky, Scriabin, Louis Delune, Karl Eduard Goepfart, Ravel, Berg, Emil Kronke, Satie, Josef Spary, Puccini, and Hendrik Willems.

Section V "gives full scores of two trios (one solemn, one lively) in the instance of a tardy quartet member."

The combined range for the four parts is F to b[flat]", and there are tunes for all proficiency levels. Other improvements in this edition include using modern bass clef, a congenial collection of key signatures, and occasional re-distribution of parts in arrangements to even up the workload. There are many new arrangements or edited versions, mostly by Melton, as well as famous pieces, works previously out of print, and some previously unknown gems published for the first time. The parts are clean and well laid-out. This is another essential volume for working quartets.
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Author:Snedeker, Jeffrey
Publication:The Horn Call
Date:Oct 1, 2015
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