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The Past Speaks.

20 years ago

Nov. 26, 1992

Boylston's selectmen, Finance Committee, Planning Board, Conservation Commission and chiefs of the fire and police departments met to discuss the Homart Shopping Mall, planned for the Shrewsbury line on Route 70. While those officials discussed a series of steps required of the developer by the Massachusetts Environmental Protection Act (MEPA), many people remained concerned about the negative impact the mall would have on the town such as traffic, storm-water runoff and sewage. Several parts of the plan were hitting walls, however, most of them revolving around project funding.

In West Boylston, residents of Shrewsbury Street who were fed up with the project to widen their street, known as the "Save Our Streets" Committee (SOS), presented their own plan to selectmen. Their concerns included the road cutting across private property, the destruction of maturing trees, drainage problems and the encouragement of trucks to pass through a residential neighborhood. An SOS representative said that he felt the town was obligated to find out if the SOS's proposal would be cheaper than the town's proposal. Some selectmen however, said SOS's counter proposal would cost more money and it remained the SOS's responsibility to prove otherwise.

West Boylston Middle School students began participating in a pen-pal project with former Soviet Union English-speaking students in order to enhance the West Boylston social studies curriculum. The project came about after teachers Sharron Bouvier and Lisa Crowton attended some seminars at Clark University's Department of World Studies. When Bouvier saw an ad for pen-pals to Russian students, she thought letter-writing added a positive aspect to her seventh-grade class's educational experience.

10 years ago

Nov. 21, 2002

There would be no new Tahanto. Tahanto Regional Middle/High School's renovation project failed when voters at Berlin's special town meeting rejected an article, 194-112, that would have approved $16.6 million for an addition and renovation to the school. "We will head back to the drawing board," said John Kidder, School Building Committee chairman.

Superintendent Thomas Kane had a nose-full as the West Boylston Middle/High School underwent testing and uncovered a possible mold spore problem. Once again, eyes fell on the science room as the main culprit, but Kane reminded the School Committee that the mold - though odorous - may not cause respiratory problems. The Diversified Environmental Corporation had found mold a year earlier when it tested the school.

Tahanto Regional Middle/High School turned 40 years old and had a fundraiser to celebrate, putting on "Back to the Future" by the Tahanto Music Parent Organization.

That postcard from West Boylston wasn't a way to catch up, it was a sewer bill. Now that the sewer system was in operation, the town needed a way to properly bills its customers. The problem with relying on the Water District was that the water district covered the entire town, not just a portion, and did its billing on a cycle that did not match the sewer district.

The Antique Boutique opened under owner and operator, Lorine Duhamel, of West Boylston. She wanted to bring a new and comfortable shopping experience to those who wished to find antique clothing, such as capes and wedding dresses.



CUTLINE: This archive photo from November 2002 shows then 8-year-old Emma Cole modeling a pig-faced bassinet - a helmet made of chain mail and plate armor - with Heather Feland, a volunteer from Higgins Armory who visited Beaman Memorial Library.
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