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The Passion of Augustine.

Veteran Canadian helmer Lea Pool's "The Passion of Augustine" gets pleasing mileage from a potentially cliche-ridden premise by sticking to the inherent modesty of Its setting: a late 1960s convent girls' school In rural Quebec, threatened by shrinking church funds and secular education trends. The combination of nuns, teens and let's-put-on-a-show plot mechanics might have easily resulted In a conventionally cute crowdpleaser, but to Pool and co-scenarist Marie Vien's credit, this middleweight tale with lots of classical music provides a good dose of inspirational uplift without ever seeming to reach for it in the obvious, expected ways. Outside Canada (where It launched regionally this spring), the pic is a solid candidate for select tube and rental sales.


CAST: Celine Bonnier, Lysandre Menard, Diane Lavallee, Valerie Robitaille, Marie Tifo, Marie-France Lambert, Andree Lachapelle, Maude Guerin, Elizabeth Tremblay-Cagnon, Yogane Lacombe, Tiffany Montambault, Anne-Elisabeth Bosse, Danielle Fichaud, Gilbert Sicotte

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Author:Harvey, Dennis
Article Type:Movie review
Date:Nov 3, 2015
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