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The Paper Bag Princess.

This fairy tale turns traditional gender roles on their head. Our hero, Princess Elizabeth, clothes herself in a paper bag after a dragon attack leaves her without her royal garb. As Elizabeth sets off on her quest to save her prince, Ronald, from the fire breathing beast, her courage, tenacity and intelligence shine through. Unlike typical fairytales which often portray women as weak characters waiting to be rescued by handsome princes, The Paper Bag Princess provides us with a strong female who can take care of herself. This tale shows young readers that a woman doesn't need a man in order to live happily ever after.


Story by Robert Munsch, Art by Michael Martchenko

Annick Press Ltd., New York, 1980
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Title Annotation:Books for kids of all ages
Author:Munsch, Robert
Publication:Sister Namibia
Article Type:Book review
Date:Aug 1, 2008
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