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The Packaging User's Handbook.

The PACKAGING USER'S HANDBOOK. Edited by F A PAINE. 596 pages with index. Price; 82.00 [pounds]. (UK: The Blackie Publishing Group)

Some thirteen years ago, a book entitled The Packaging Media was published. This text replaces that one and, like its predecessor, collects together the basic information on the materials and forms that are available to today's packaging engineers and designers.

With packaging in its many forms impinging so heavily on our lives these days, it is perhaps not surprising how much information one needs to hand. With the last text more than thirty authors were involved in its production and it was therefore decided to invite them to update their contributions in the light of current knowledge. However, what with retirements and job changes that was not always possible so an editorial board was appointed to select distinguished authors to join the earlier authors where necessary.

Following an introduction the text is divided into three parts carrying general titles: Packaging materials; Retail packaging; and Distribution packages. The chapters in these various parts are entitled: Wood and wood-based materials; Pulps and papers; Paperboard; Metal packaging; Glass; Plastics; Adhesives; Packaging with flexible barriers; Folding boxboard cartons; Rigid and cylindrical boxes and composite containers; Metal cans; Aerosols; Metal and plastics collapsible tubes and aluminium foil containers; Glass containers; Moulded pulp, expanded polystyrene, moulded and thermoformed plastics containers; Closures and dispensing devices for glass and plastics containers; Decoration of packaging; Cylindrical shipping packages; Rectangular shipping containers; Flexible shipping packages; Pallets and unit loads; and Package cushioning systems.

The text contains numerous illustrations to ensure a full understanding of this useful text.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:May 1, 1991
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