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The Pack Goat.

The Pack Goat, by John Mionczynski; 147 pp, line drawings and B & W photos, $15.95 paper, Pruett, 2928 Pearl St., Boulder, CO 80301

Forget everything you know about goats.

"I don't care if you've operated a goat dairy for the last 40 years, most of that knowledge won't amount to a hill of nanny berries as far as the pack goat is concerned."

With that introduction, Mionczynski takes us on a lively and pleasurable tour of a lifestyle our "barn potato" (his term) homestead goats never see.

If you do any backpacking--and especially if you already have goats--you'll be interested in knowing that they can pack loads of from 20 to 40 percent of their body weight; they are easier on the environment than any other pack animal, including the llama; and they're unsurpassed in rocky, rugged terrain, particularly on ice and snow.

You already knew that they are intelligent, sociable, tractable, and economical to maintain.

This is a book for backpackers. But anyone who loves goats will find it interesting. The author talks about goat psychology, training methods, life on the trail, packing on glaciers and in the desert, and feeding and maintenance. He includes engaging anecdotes and intriguing historical asides.

An enjoyable book that deserves a place in any goat lover's library.
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Author:Belanger, Jd
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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