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The PV-92 Alu element. (Senior Division).

The purpose of this project was to show the correlation between the evolution of the PV-92 Alu element and the common ancestry of members of the Woodlin community. I hypothesized that 50% of the volunteers would test heterozygous for the PV-92 Alu element, showing a correlation between related volunteers. Use Chelex[R] resin to isolate DNA from cheek cells. Amplify DNA by PCR. Analyze DNA by gel electrophoresis. The PV-92 Alu element was present on at least one allele in 50% of the volunteers tested. However, not all of these volunteers were heterozygous. Volunteers one and four were homozygous for PV-92. Volunteers three, five, ten, twelve, and thirteen were heterozygous for PV-92. Volunteers two, six, seven, eight, nine, and eleven were homozygous for the absence of PV-92. Volunteers five, twelve, and thirteen were all related and tested heterozygous for PV-92. This confirmed the second part of my hypothesis. The first part of my hypothesis was not confirmed, because 50% of the volunteers tested were not heterozygous for PV-92. I contribute this to the small size of the volunteer group used in my experiment. A larger group might have shown numbers closer to those of the general population.

Holly McGuire, Woodlin High School.
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Author:McGuire, Holly
Publication:Journal of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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