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The PC Virus Control Handbook, 2d ed.

The PC Virus Control Handbook, Second Edition. ByRobert V. Jacobson; published by Miller Freeman Publications, 80018485594 or 4081848-5296; 164 pages; $24.95.

The PC Virus Control Handbook is a technical guide intended to provide the reader with the knowledge and expertise to detect, identify, disinfect, and investigate a virus attack on PCs in an organization. Also included is a policy and procedures model for dealing with the virus issue.

The 162-page book is organized into four chapters. It is very technical and goes into great detail on several topics.

Early in the presentation, the book deals with virus technology, defines the term computer virus, and discusses how viruses spread. It identifies the different viruses, discusses detection techniques, and gives detailed information about where viruses might be found and how they attack PCs. This data may be beneficial to some readers but sometimes makes for difficult reading.

The book then outlines what should be done when a virus is reported and gives checklists for identifying a virus. The author points out that generally the viruses encountered are well-known but cautions that many variations of each virus exist.

A cross-reference to more than 200 viruses is provided. Also included is the common name associated with the virus, the size increase that can be expected if the virus is introduced, the scope of the infection, and any observable effects of the virus.

The book also furnishes detailed steps for disinfecting a PC and covers how to investigate the introduction of the virus into a system. The author points out that reinfection is not uncommon.

The PC Virus Control Handbook also provides the following realistic goal regarding virus protection: "Provide a reasonably risk-free environment by minimizing the chance of introducing viruses, insuring timely detection of virus infections, and providing reliable means of eliminating infections from Pcs."

An antivirus policy and procedure, as well as discussion on the VIRUSPRO software package, are included. Further discussion details the establishment of a technical support and steering committee; classification of PCs; and software controls, detection, recovery, and compliance. Risk analysis, reporting, and personnel motivation are included here too.

The book presents a good overview of the subject of viruses. Portions of the book are not easy to read. But to provide this much detail, I'm not sure how it could be made more palatable. Any data security manager would find this a valuable reference.

Reviewer: George E. Ronne, CPP, assistant vice president and senior consultant for M&M Protection Consultants in St. Louis, MO, and member of the ASIS Standing Committee on Computer Security.
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Author:Ronne, George E.
Publication:Security Management
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 1991
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