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The Oxford English Literary History. Volume 2. 1350-1547: Reform and Cultural Revolution. (Reviews).

The Oxford English Literary History. Volume 2. 1350-1547: Reform and Cultural Revolution. James Simpson. Oxford University Press. [pounds sterling]30.00. 661 pages. ISBN 0-19-818261-9. The theme of this survey history is 'very simple, central and consistent... that the institutional simplifications and centralisations of the sixteenth century provoked correlative simplifications and narrowings in literature'. If literary history and criticism are 'ancillary to the complex history of freedoms' then this period in English history is a 'narrative of diminishing liberties'. This centralisation of literature and language began in the late fifteenth century with the invention of printing and the increasing dominance of London but soared under Henry VIII, beginning with his suppression of the priories and monasteries of England. Throughout the period Mr Simpson is concerned with works that reveal a contrast between the 'reformist' and the 'revolutionary'. He follows the example of John Leland who composed a bibliogr aphy of 'English antiquities' and looks at the period's literary productions through various themes: war narratives, elegiac lyrical writings political writings (mainly fifteenth century), the 'comic' (which includes romance), writings on the Church, devotional literature, Biblical study before the Reformation (a fascinating chapter) and the theatre. Each chapter is designed to stand on its own but the whole makes for a vigorous and rejuvenating study of the period. (A.T.)
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Publication:Contemporary Review
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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